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Louisiana Birth Records

Louisiana, unlike other states, is actually a closed record state. This means that legal records most especially vital documents are not open and cannot be obtained by just anyone from the general public who wishes to. Only to eligible individuals will certified copies of such documents be released and all entreaties for birth records in the state must accompany a proper identification. You may obtain a certified copy of any Louisiana birth register if you are the person indicated on the document or you are the registrant, spouse of that person, parent of the registrant, or child or sibling of the registrant.

If you are not one of these eligible individuals, you may have to present a proof of your relationship with the registrant as well as a document proving that you have a tangible and direct interest on the record requested. Also take note that when an adult other than the parents is requesting for the record, they must present a judgment of custody for the child whose birth record is being requested.

Birth Records Louisiana

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Vital records in the state of Louisiana are housed in their primary repository which is the Department of Health and Hospitals specifically the State Registrar and Vital Records. There are actually three methods to get a hold of such important documents: in person, mail, and fax or telephone. For walk-in transactions, offices that you can visit include the Vital Records Central Office, Clerk of Courts and the Vital Records Kiosks. Remember that walk-in services only accept payment through cash, check or money order. Each copy of a Louisiana birth record requires a processing fee of $9 for short-form birth certificate and $15 for a long-form birth certificate. You may also get any Louisiana birth records through Vital Records Kiosks. Kiosk orders require that the user will be able to successfully complete and identity authentication screening. Once the order is made, the application is shipped via USPS or expedited shipping, or made available for pick-up at the Vital Records Office. Obtaining a certified copy of a birth record in the state can also be done by filing your entreaty through the Clerks of Court.

For orders made through mail, you have to complete the application form in its entirety with all the information asked such as the record information and the applicant information. Also, it is important to specify which type of birth record you wish to procure (short-form or long-form). The same fees apply (short-form birth certificate requires $9 while a long-form birth certificate requires $15). All mail order payments must be through check or money order only made payable to Louisiana Vital Records. Take note that birth records over 100 years old can be requested by writing the Secretary of State. For mail orders, please allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.

For an expedited transaction, you can actually opt to obtain Louisiana birth records online through alternative record providers. Alternative repositories are now available in the Web to provide consumers a faster and more convenient means of getting a hold of important registers. Because the order requests are processed online, it no longer requires paper works while it guarantees a very fast turnaround.

Birth Records Louisiana
Obtaining a copy of any Louisiana birth registers can be done through the following steps:

  • Ensure that you are entitled to request for the birth record.
  • Specify which type of birth record you wish to procure (short-form or long-form) so you will be able to know how much you will need to pay.
  • Download the application form and complete it with all the necessary particulars.
  • Provide the information regarding the record you are requesting as well as your information as the applicant.
  • Submit the completed form together with the processing fees.

Louisiana Birth Certificate

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