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Kentucky Birth Records

The right place to go to for Kentucky birth records is the office of Vital Statistics Department for Public Health Cabinet for Health and Family Services. They have diligently preserved such documents since January 1911 up to present for the use of any legal citizen, private organizations and government agencies. The cost per copy would be $10.00 as agreed by the state officials to be paid at the Kentucky State Treasurer’s office using personal check or money order.

The Health Services office has a website where individuals can download the request form. When the form is obtained, simply fill it out completely and mail to the appropriate address mentioned therein with the required amount for the service charge. When the application is sent and no results have been found, a notification letter will be sent to the requesting party without refunding the amount paid. The information that you need to provide must be sufficient including the name, birth date, place of birth and parent’s names of the subject whose files you wanted to know about.

Birth Records Kentucky

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Birth records are not for everyone’s viewing in Kentucky. You can only access your own records or that of your children as a policy. However, if you have legal supporting documents which entitles you to conduct the search, then you can go ahead and start the process. As per history of the said records, those that occurred between 1852 and 1911 should be coordinated with the respective county offices. More so, the state’s department for libraries and archives holds such information, but you got to visit the place in person to get started.

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If none of the offices mentioned has the records you need you can try it out at the Kentucky Historical Society where they have kept records within 1852 and 1878 time period. It’s indeed possible to trace up past records so long as you know where to find them. The good news is that such birth records are now easily possessed through the Internet. You only have to find the most appropriate online records source with high credibility rate to be able to proceed. A record provider that offers money-back guarantee must be considered for a wise lookup.