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Iowa Divorce Records

It’s possible to request a copy of a divorce certificate from the state of Iowa as it is in most states. The Iowa Department of Public Health keeps track of divorces that are decreed in the state and it’s your right to request and receive a record. Some states require that you get the record from the county in which it occurred, but you must access Iowa divorce records through the state office at:

Iowa Dept. of Public Health
Bureau of Vital Records
Lucas Office Bldg., First Floor
321 East 12th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
Phone: (515) -281-4944

You should include a $15 personal check or money order paid to the Department of Public Health of Iowa. 1906 was the first year that Iowa began recording divorce records and before that the state considered divorce illegal. Even though you can easily access the record, you must state a reason for wanting the copy. And, in Iowa, even a lawyer or other representative can’t request a copy of the decree. Children mentioned in the decree or the petitioner and respondent of the decree and others who might be relatives may all use that reason to get a copy. After you fill out the application required by the state, attach the check or money order and send it in you can expect to receive your copy within two weeks. Those who request copies of divorce decrees may have several reasons, including to prove that a divorce was granted so he or she can marry again. Other legal purposes might be for immigration or whereabouts during a certain year.

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IA Divorce Records

If you don’t want the hassle of red tape by going through a state search, you can always use an Internet search site. There are some that offer monthly memberships if you think that you’ll be performing searches for legal purposes or perhaps for genealogy research. If you only need the service for a one-time search, that’s available too. Pay a one-time fee and get the information you need regarding a divorce decree. You’ll usually receive the report within minutes – and it will be concise and accurate. You won’t have to state a reason why you want a copy of the divorce record, nor will any information about yourself ever be revealed. And, you can read the report in the privacy of a home or office. Professionals at these online search sites will ensure that your report is readable and not filled with legalese and data that you can’t understand. You’ll likely receive more information from an online search site than you would from a state-based search because the databases and search engines are so powerful and can reveal so much more information about the person in question. Click on the link to find out how you can use an Internet search site to find Iowa divorce records.