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Iowa Criminal Records

Background searches can be accomplished with the permission given by law in Iowa as part of the Freedom of Information provision. Anybody has the right to run a check on Iowa criminal records provided that you are eligible to do so. If that person has previously lived in Iowa, you can conduct a state search to find the record, if any. It’s fairly simple. All you have to do to conduct a state search for Iowa criminal records is to download and fill out an Iowa Criminal Background Request form. There’s also a billing form to fill out so the state can charge you the $13 search fee. Be sure to include the person’s date of birth and social security number if possible to ensure the accuracy of the report. This should be mailed together to the following address:

Iowa Dept. of Public Safety
Iowa Div. of Criminal Investigation
215 E. 7th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319
Phone: (515) 725-6066


Iowa Criminal Records
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In the past, searches were only done at the records office in the Sheriff Department of Iowa. Now, ordinary people are using searches to find out about people who have entered their lives in many ways. Searches must be done legally, your grounds for doing a request should be legitimate or else the office concerned will not grant your application. As a requestor you should be able to familiarize the legal procedure on how to procure a copy of a criminal record in the said State so that you will not violate any of the existing rules and regulations.

Criminal Records Iowa

Private Internet search sites provide much more flexibility to you and can ensure a more accurate report because they’re not restricted by the same rules that most states have. Plus, their powerful and far-reaching databases and search engines are designed to cross-reference names and other information to be sure the report you get is as accurate and timely as possible. And, while it sometimes takes weeks for you to receive a criminal record report through the mail, the Internet sites usually take only minutes. Iowa arrest records can be searched, cross-referenced and made into a comprehensive report that you can easily understand – within minutes. You don’t have to reveal who you are and why you want the record as requested by some states. You may also get more information from a private search service. Because of the privacy laws of most states, they’re only allowed to release certain information contained on the criminal record, but private search sites won’t have the same restrictions and this can ensure the accuracy of the report you receive. Today’s world dictates that we take our safety and the safety of our families into our own hands to protect future tragedies and disasters. Discover how an online search service can help you reveal Iowa criminal records and set your mind at ease about a person in your life.