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Iowa Birth Records

Like other states in America, Iowa vital records are housed in the Iowa Department of Public Health. Under this department runs the Bureau of Health Statistics. Two essential functions of the department are done and performed in this bureau: Vital Records and Health Statistics. The Vital Records Bureau began registering important life events in Iowa since the year 1880. All original documents of such events are on file at the state health department.

Statewide record searches can be done through the state registrar although vital records can also be searched through local registrars in the county where the event transpired. Vital records include documents on birth, adoption, death, marriage and marriage dissolution. County registrars in Iowa, however, as per the state statute, do not have the code authority to store nor dispense the following registers: single-parent births prior to July 1995; adoptions, birth records after a legal name change; delayed records filed a year or more after the event; any document ordered seal by a court of law; and birth, death, and matrimonial documents that are registered from 1921 to 1941.

Birth Records Iowa

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If you are to obtain a copy of any birth document in the state of Iowa, it is important to know first when and where the event transpired. Knowing such basic information will enable you to choose as to where you would like to obtain the document from. Birth records in Iowa can be procured from the Bureau of Vital Records in the state Department of Health or from the local registrar in the county where the birth occurred. Wherever you choose to apply for the said document, it is noteworthy to remember that all applications for certified copies of vital documents have to be made in writing while completely identifying the record you want pulled out. It is very important to establish entitlement to the record you wish to get.

In line with this, a proof of identification is necessary as the relationship between the requester and the registrant has to be established. If you are the parent, children or spouse of the person whose birth record you are requesting, your own birth record or a marriage record might be a prerequisite. Legal guardians, legal representatives, and siblings must also provide additional proof of entitlement. Effective March 13, 2006, entreaties for any vital records in Iowa will not be accepted should they be submitted without the following: the applicant’s current government-issued photo identification; and the applicant’s signature signed in front of a notary public or in the present of an Iowa Registrar of Vital Records.

Requests for Iowa birth records can be done through telephone orders, in person transaction, or through a postal service. Effective January 1, 2014, state and county fees will increase to $20 per copy of any vital record. Albeit the record requested is not located, the fees will not be refunded. The turnaround time for such entreaties takes about 4 to 6 weeks. If you wish to get a hold of Iowa birth records fast, get them online through alternative record repositories. Not only are you guaranteed of a very fast result but also of a way cheaper transaction payment.

Birth Records Iowa
To get a hold of Iowa birth records, you can follow the simple process indicated below:

  • Make sure that you are entitled to receive the document.
  • If you are a legal representative, a sibling, or a legal guardian, ready all the documents necessary to establish your entitlement to the registrant’s birth record.
  • Remember that all applications for any vital records in Iowa have to be made in writing. Be clear and specific as to which birth record you wish to get by providing all the details about the birth.
  • Fill out the application form completely with all the necessary information asked
  • As the requester, provide your basic information as well and include a self-addressed envelope should you wish to get the result via mail.
  • Pay the processing fee of $15 to $20. Take note that such fee cannot be refunded even if the birth record requested is not found. The fee will retain to be the search payment.
  • Wait for 4 to 6 weeks to get the birth record you filed an entreaty for.

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