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Indiana Criminal Records

The Indiana State Police has the legal jurisdiction in terms of handling Indiana Criminal Records into its central database. Moreover, they are tasked to watch over the Criminal Investigation Division, Communications Division and Operations Support as part of the office’ responsibility. A 24 hour access to criminal reports has been made doable in the said state through an online database.

Charges include $15.00 for the name search via online, $16.32 per name for the non-subscribers through a credit card. On the other hand, mailed request are available at $7.00 for each name with limited criminal information only, while for the complete set of records you get to pay $10.00 per name. Inclusions of the record’s data for public consumption are the class A misdemeanor and felony arrests. On the contrary, the full account has been made available to authorized employment agencies or businesses, law enforcement and to anyone who intends to check on their personal criminal documents.


Indiana Criminal Records
Public Access


The Indiana Background Check Request form must be filled out completely and mail to the Indiana State Police with the required fee. To undergo an online search, visit the Indiana Criminal History Search Database. For wise and safety purposes, it is vital to know where to look up for these public records. Records are organized as properly as possible to cater the needs of the requesting party more especially for court proceedings or for any serious matters. The only down side with government kept records is the slow processing time which could take weeks.

Criminal Records Indiana

However, a more efficient and effective means to acquire Indiana Criminal Records has come along the way with the aid of modern computerization and the Internet today. They come in two versions; the paid and free versions. But, the former is a better deal because it contains a comprehensive set of reports that one needs for whatever legal undertakings. To determine a guaranteed result, individuals have to pick a 100% legally created website which offers a full money-refund to its subscribers.