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Indiana Arrest Records

The State of Indiana has organized the Indiana State Police to be the primary source of information on arrest and criminal records. They specifically specialize in the documentation of felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests. These records can be requested by the public using an online portal or by sending it through mail. The form has to be downloaded or be asked from the State Police office in order to get started in filling it out. The whole process starts with completing the form then ends up at the office of the State’s Police main office.

So, what are the details being asked on the form which applicants should supply? It includes the complete name of the subject, date of birth, case number and gender. Also, as the requesting party, you need to mention your intention for requesting a copy of it, it must be valid otherwise the office will not buy your request. The amount it costs to grab a copy of it would be $7.00, which can be paid through a certified check or money order. However, money orders can only be accommodated or received when delivered in person to the office concerned.


Indiana Arrest Records


You have to take note though that the Limited Criminal History Information cannot be leveraged except those provided on the form only. If you are going to use it to other purposes not on the request then you are liable for it. You could be legally charged by court as it is considered as Class A misdemeanor offense. Note also that personal checks will not be honored or accepted. The Indiana State Police department will accept all incoming requests with the corresponding fees along with it. If you wanted to go online for multiple searches then you can subscribe to the State of Indiana Police’s online service by paying $15.00 per name search. If you do not want to subscribe, you will have to pay $16.32 per name search using your credit card.

On the other side, Indiana Department of Corrections also document records of offenders for public consumption. They have setup an online lookup where you can just input the subject’s ID number and last name. Other details which you can obtain from doing the offender check include the location of the offender, current status and tentative release date. Thus, the two agencies have been great resources for anybody doing a background check on an individual. You should have big chances of generating results since they have started documenting since the 1930s.

Today, the people in Indiana have an alternative of doing the search on their own by exploring into the arrest databases maintained by a private online reports solution. This is a modern tool which individuals can benefit from these days by simply paying a reasonable amount of fee for the results which are delivered in no time. Plus, this is done at home without the need of assistance from a third party. You are on your own, thus, searching can be accomplished privately and safely without having to let other people sensed what you are doing.

Indiana Criminal Records

The steps to get copies of Indiana criminal records are simple:

  • Download or grab a copy of the request form
  • Fill it out completely with all the information being asked
  • Pay an amount of $7.00 per copy via certified checks or money orders
  • Money order can only be received in person though
  • Submit your completed application to the Indiana State Police office

State of Indiana Arrest Records

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