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Illinois Criminal Records

The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority has the credible pieces of information needed to perform background checks in the state. They technically update and store files pertaining to criminal reports and the state registry for sex offenders. Apart from that, they also offer criminal justice news and supplies data on present criminal research for state-wide and nationwide benefit. Checks are conducted through fingerprint and name searches. However, the former produces more precise result.

For those who are new to searching for legal documents, the state creates a website that explains how to go about in doing an Illinois background check. The initial step to be done is to download the request form from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority website and mailed in with the required fee costing $16.00 for the name-based search and $20.00 for the fingerprint search.


Illinois Criminal Records
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On the other hand, the state’s Department of Corrections handles all state prisons, juvenile centers, and parole and probation offices in the state. They began archiving the criminal records since 1970. But, the state’s central repository for criminal records is based at the Illinois State Police. It is vital that you need to go through and complete the Conviction Information Request form to collect data on criminal reports. The State Police must be contacted or you submit an online request to obtain the application form.

Criminal Records Illinois

However, there’s a legal limitation as to who only can take the full account of the mentioned files. As per guideline and policy imposed by the authorities, only the law enforcement offices and authorized employers will have the complete criminal files. The public does not have the same privilege for security reasons on the contrary. The great news is that Illinois Criminal Records check can now be obtained even at home as long as there is Internet connection. The turn-around time is only a few minutes. Individuals only need to find a 100% legal web resource which offers a complete money-back guarantee to initiate the search.