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Illinois Arrest Records

Illinois arrest records are under the custody of the Bureau of Identification, Illinois State Police, being designated as the central repository for the records on criminal and arrest information. The appointment of such an office for records preservation was pushed through the enactment of Uniform Conviction Information Act which allows the citizens to request copies of the record as per pursuant to 20 ILCS 2635/1 et seq. Part of the many responsibilities of the Illinois State Police include the handling of forensics, operations and administrative tasks. So, if you wanted to know any information related to the functions you need to approach the Illinois State Police.

So, how do you get started in acquiring a copy of an arrest or criminal record? First, you have to grab a copy of the Conviction Information Request form from the Bureau of Identification’s office. The forms come in the assigned control numbers and must be submitted to the Illinois State Police using an original form. If the form is not original, the office will not process your application. Also, be aware that there are two kinds of forms which the office can provide. One is a non-fingerprint form and the other is the fingerprint request form.


Illinois Arrest Records


What is the difference of the two forms? The non-fingerprint form is based on searching through the computer-based database using certain identifiers of the subject such as name, sex, race and date of birth. This request would cost $16.00, but it will be $30.00 if the check is not drawn on United States Banks. On the other hand, the fingerprint form is solely based on the fingerprints taken from the subject. This is specially searched through a fingerprint-based criminal history record. The fee will be $20.00 and will reach up to $50.00 if the check is not drawn on the United States Banks.

Keep a record of your control number as that will be the basis in tracking the progress of your application. Once the form is completed, you forward it to the Illinois State Police with the money via check or money order. The rest of the instruction stipulated on the form must be followed to ensure that things are being complied accordingly as per mandate of the law. On a separate note, the State has also created an archive for the Sex Offender Database as per order of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. The database is available online and can be accessed anytime the residents want to know about the sex offenders in the area.

It is indeed a blessing to note that individuals are guided by the government to assist them in getting legal reports about someone. Nowadays, it has become even more convenient as data on arrest could be searched from a reputable Internet-based repository. A reasonable fee will suffice to obtain a copy of the record. However, you will have to hunt for a trusted online records provider first before you actually do the search. In other words, you will not have to go out of your comfort zone just to pull up information on arrest, but simply stay at home and do the search on your own.

Illinois Criminal Records

Illinois criminal reports are retrievable by doing the following steps:

  • Obtain a copy of the Information Request Form from the Bureau of Identification office
  • Choose whether you do a non-fingerprint search or the fingerprint search
  • Fees vary, $16.00 for non-fingerprint search and $20.00 for the fingerprint search
  • Submit your application to the Illinois State Police with the money via check or money order

State of Illinois Arrest Records

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