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The state of Idaho began keeping an official record of deaths in 1907. Previous to that year, the records were kept by doctors, midwives, churches and mortuaries. A county recording clerk kept the records in each county until 1911, when all records were directed to be sent to the state office. Currently, anyone can access Idaho death records that are over fifty years old. If the death occurred after that, you’ll need to be a close relative of the decedent. By mail, you must complete an application form and mail to:

Idaho State Dept. of Health and Welfare
Vital Statistics Dept.
450 W. State St.
Boise, ID 83720
Phone: (208) 334-5988

Death Records Idaho

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Idaho charges a fee of $14 for a death record search and you can add $5 to that fee if you want the delivery in a hurry. You’ll be required to enter pertinent information on the application such as date of death, birth, full name and place of death. You will receive a notice if no record is found, but there are no refunds. If you’re searching for a very old Idaho death record, you may want to contact the Idaho State Historical Society which has registered deaths dating back to the 1870s. The information you might receive, if available, are addresses, marital status, cause of death and age at death. Keep in mind that Idaho records are confidential for 50 years after date of death and you will need to show photo identification that links your relationship to the deceased to get a copy of the record.

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The Internet can also be very helpful in searching for Idaho death records. With their vast databases and powerful search engines, these private search sites can quickly find the information you need from the data you enter about the deceased. There are many perks to using an Internet search site compared to a state-based search. You’ll receive a full report of everything they can locate about the person’s death, whereas the states are limited in what information they can provide. The report is usually sent within minutes after you submit the data and it’s sent to your private email address. Your payment information is encrypted, so no one can access the data. The fees are reasonable and competitive, so you can usually find a price you can afford. Many professionals in the legal field and those who search for genealogical data for a living depend on these private sites to gather information quickly and easily and can rely on them for accuracy. Vital records information is sensitive and getting inaccurate data could be detrimental in future searches or could compromise a legal matter. Find out more about an Internet search site and how it can help you search for Idaho death records by clicking on the link.