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Idaho Birth Records

In the state of Idaho, it is the Department of Health and Welfare specifically the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics which houses all vital records in the state. Under the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics operate the following units: Current Registration, Legal Actions, and Client Services which are responsible for the registration, documentation, correction, and amendment of vital events; Vital Records Management which manages the computer database containing vital records information; and Health Statistics which provides biostatistical research and analysis of data.

The Idaho Bureau of Vital Records maintains records of birth and death registers filed from July 1911 to the present. Important registers specifically certificates of birth are legally confidential and protected for 100 years. This means that unless they are over 100 years old, they are not accessible by anyone from the general public. As per the National Center for Health Statistics, records before July 1911 may be available such as those registered from 1907 to 1911. For these records, however, requests must be addressed to the County Recorder in the county where the birth occurred.

Birth Records Idaho

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If you are in Idaho and you wish to procure a copy of any Idaho birth certificate, make sure that you are eligible first to receive the said file. Take note that only immediate family members, their legal representative, or those people who can provide a document proving that it is required for their property right may order legally confidential records such as Idaho birth certificates. Also, a proof or relation/legal representation is requisite. This is to help establish the relationship between the requester and the registrant.

Secure the Idaho Vital Statistics Certificate Request form and fill it out in its entirety with all the particulars necessary. The form can be downloaded from the state office’s online portal or obtained personally from the Vital Records Bureau. Identification is a must. Therefore, the applicant or the requester has to provide a photocopy of their identification such as driver’s license or other current and signed government issued picture identification. Bear in mind that if the identification is not enclosed in your request, and/or your application is not complete, your entreaty will be returned and significant delays in the processing of your appeal may happen. Also, do not forget to include the processing fee. For a copy of a birth certificate that is computer generated, $13 is needed. For a photo static copy, $18 is required.

To obtain these documents in the most practical way, do your record search online through alternative record providers. These repositories offer the same service like record retrieval for a much expedited and cheaper transaction. Plus, you are guaranteed of a faster turnaround. Rather than waiting for days to weeks with the traditional method of applying for Idaho birth records, you can get a hold of such crucial documents within minutes should you opt to hire the service of independent record providers online. Truly, the modern way of record management and procurement is the new trend today.

Birth Records Idaho

Obtaining birth certificates in the state of Idaho can be done through the following:

  • Ensure first that you are eligible to receive the document.
  • Secure the Idaho Vital Statistics Certificate Request form
  • Complete the form with all the information necessary.
  • As the person requesting for the document, provide a proof of identification as well as a document that would help establish your relationship to the registrant.
  • Choose which type of birth certificate you wish to get: Computer Generated ($13) or Photo Static Copy ($18).
  • Once the form is accomplished, submit it to the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics along with the necessary fees.

Idaho Birth Certificate

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