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Hawaii Marriage Records

The beautiful island state of Hawaii maintains its marriage records at the Hawaii Department of Health and you can request a copy of a marriage record in writing. Hawaii also has a way to expedite the certificate if you have an urgent need of the document. Otherwise, it may take up to ten business days after receiving the request. In Hawaii, you may only access a marriage record if you are able to provide certain information such as your name, phone number and address, reason you want the certificate copy, names of those listed on the decree, date the marriage took place and the city or town of the event. You’ll also need to supply a copy of a government identification stating you are the person requesting the certificate. First, fill out a request form (certified copy of marriage record) that you can download from the Internet (or from a mail-in request) and mail it to:

Hawaii State Dept. of Health
Office of Health Status Monitoring
Vital Records Issuance Section
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96801
(808) 586-4400


Marriage Records Hawaii

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Include a fee of $10 for the search in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. If you’re a person listed on the certificate or a former spouse, parent, descendant or legal representative of the person you’re eligible to receive a copy of the certificate. Hawaii marital records are kept from the year 1853, but marriage certificate requests from 1853 until 1896 can be incomplete. These records were usually kept by missionaries and the local government. Hawaii marriage records can be sketchy and incomplete, and perhaps not recorded in a timely manner, so the information you receive might not be as accurate as what you need.

Hawaii Marriage License Records

Another way to bypass the red tape by requesting information from the state is to use an Internet search site designed to search through data fast and deliver a reliable and timely report. These online search sites have popped up on the Internet because of a need and desire to obtain family records and search background information of those who have recently entered your life. You need to enter a minimal amount of information about the people listed on the certificate, pay a very reasonable fee and then submit the data for a complete search. The results will likely be delivered in a matter of minutes to your home or office computer where you can then read the report in private. No one will know that it was you who requested the record because even your payment information is encrypted on these reputable Internet search sites. Please click on the link to find more information about how an Internet search service can help you search through Hawaii marriage records.