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Hawaii Birth Records

Registers of important events that transpired in Hawaii such as birth, death, marriage, civil union as well as marriage dissolution certificates are received and preserved by the state’s Office of Health Status Monitoring. Such entity is actually a unit of Hawaii’s Department of Health. The state office has begun recording vital events since 1853. Hawaii, unlike most US states, is unfortunately not an open records state. This conveys that documents, most especially vital records, cannot be procured by just anyone from the general public as access to vital records in Hawaii is restricted by statute (HRS §338-18).

As per the Hawaii State Legislature’s take on Disclosure of Vital Records, the Department of Health will not allow access of any public health records including vital documents, nor issue a certified copy of any of these documents or part thereof, unless it is satisfied that the requester has a direct and tangible interest in the document. The statute has in fact specified a list of individuals who are allowed to access Hawaii vital registers. Included in the list are the registrant, the spouse, the parents, and the descendant of the registrant, a legal guardian as well as a person or agency acting on behalf of the registrant. For genealogy purposes, the department may permit access to microfilm or other copies of vital registers of events that transpired more than seventy-five years prior to the current year.

Birth Records Hawaii

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Birth documents, like other registers of vital events, are legal and are very useful in a lot of reasons. Certified copies of such records may be issued to authorized individuals only. These are used for such purposes like school entry, Social Security participation, passports, driver’s license, immigration, employment, and proof of property rights, survivor’s benefits, and other needs. Should you wish to get a copy of any Hawaii birth records, you can write or go to the State Department of Health’s Office of Health Status Monitoring, Vital Records Section and file an application.

It would be easier to get the desired birth certificate should you have all the requirements handy. Also, providing the exact information regarding the event would definitely help to yield the results of the record search faster. Details that you have to provide as you file your entreaty include the full legal name of the registrant, the date and place of birth, the parents’ name, as well as your information as the one requesting for the record. Do not forget to also include a self-addressed envelope as this will be used for the return mail. Birth certificates in Hawaii cost $10 each. Payment must be made through cashier’s check, certified check, or money order only. Personal checks, however, are not accepted. It is important to take note that the processing fees, unfortunately, will not be refunded albeit the record requested is not found.

Technological innovations today have indeed paved way for a much better means of doing transactions including record information management. Retrieving records, in fact, can now be done over the computer. You can even use any smart device aside from a computer as long as you are connected to the Internet. This is made possible through alternative record repositories which are available online to assist individuals who wish to get any records they need in the most convenient way possible. So pull a quick record search online today for any Hawaii birth records and get them as fast as within minutes!

Birth Records Hawaii
To procure birth records or certificates in Hawaii, you can follow the following instructions:

  • Make sure that you are eligible first before applying for the birth certificate. Please click here to check the persons who are allowed to access Hawaii vital registers.
  • Provide all information necessary regarding the event.
  • Include every name used, nicknames, alternate spelling, etc.
  • As the applicant, provide your information as well.
  • Do not forget to include a self-addressed return envelope.
  • Submit the accomplished application along with the processing fee of $10.

Hawaii Birth Certificate

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