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Since Guam is a U.S. territory and under the same jurisdiction laws as most states, death records are recorded in the same manner and you should be able to receive the same type of information as you could from a state. The fee for the search is only $5, payable only by money order. The Freedom of Information Act works the same on Guam as it does in the United States, so personal information about a deceased person can be found within the files of the state or country. Many need this information for legal reasons and other reasons that include genealogical research and a number of others. Some of the information you might see on Guam death records are date of birth and data about the how the deceased died. If you’re searching for genealogy details, a death record can contain a wealth of information about a family tree, such as who the spouse and children are, how many times the deceased was married and divorced and place of birth. Only immediate family members of the deceased are allowed to access the records and you should seek a court order for the record. To enlist the territory of Guam to find a death record for you, send the request, along with the fee to:

Public Health and Social Services
Office of Vital Statistics Dept.
Government of Guam
P.O. Box 2816
Hagatna, Guam 96932
Phone: (671) 735-7292

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To skip the hassle of going through a state or territory to obtain a death record, you can use the Internet to find it for you. Besides cutting time and effort, you will only have to submit a small amount of information and the site’s powerful search engines will do the rest. Searching for records or any type of information has become much easier since the Internet and there are many services available. They all offer pretty much the same services and for a reasonable fee they will perform the search and within minutes can send a report to your private email address. You won’t have to prove that you’re related to the deceased individual and the report from an Internet search will likely contain more information than you’d receive from a state-based search. If time and accuracy are a major concern to you as it is to most professionals who use these Internet search sites, this may be the best method to find the Guam death record you’re looking for. There are many sites available, and if you plan to use one extensively for a period of time, many let you maintain a monthly membership, but you can also pay a one-time fee to search for only one record. Click on the link to learn more about Internet search sites and how you can easily obtain a copy of a Guam death record.