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Guam Arrest Records

The Guam Police Department is the central database for arrest and criminal records as provided by law. It is a small state and therefore it is not necessary to have counties where the said records can be requested from. So, if you are from Guam you just go ahead to the Police Department to get the type of legal information that you want. But the state cannot divulge a very detailed report regarding someone’s criminal record but only a few details of it for security reasons. The complete data on arrest and criminal documents are exclusively used for law enforcement agencies and government offices use only.

The standard procedure in doing the request is almost the same with the other states in America. A requesting party must present a valid government-issued ID, the right case number. The cost for doing such payment would be $15.00 per search, paid through cash or on-island-check. If the person who is supposed to do the request cannot do the entire process, the other option would be to authorize an adult individual to perform the check instead. As a protocol, he or she also needs to present a legitimate identification card with a photo in it. Also, a notarized authorization letter is required to get the search started.


Guam Arrest Records


In times when you needed more supporting details about an arrest record, Guam has created the Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention services which put up some online archives where the said documents can be alternatively accessed. The have the Sex Offender Registry where all the names and details of sex offenders are registered. The way to retrieve such information should be something which anybody can perform because the site itself is user-friendly. These sex offenders are categorized according to their level of offense. The Level One offenders are those that are convicted of sexually violent crimes while Level Two offenders are those who have sexually harassed the minors.

Over time, the state did organize the Guam Department of Corrections where the current detainees are held in custody for the crimes which they have committed. You can either visit the office in person for the information you need or pull up the data from its website. Its website technically uploads all the arrest reports, you only need to provide the full name of the subject, date of birth and case number to get the results. To maximize the advancement of this age of information, Guam has also developed the Guam Crime Stoppers. This online repository permits you to collect details on the active arrest warrants, arrest reports, and the criminal history profiles.

Thus, Guam nowadays is not only capable of doing the manual form of search but has also leveraged the capacity of the Internet to provide these legal pieces of information to the public. These days, you are no longer obliged to leave home or leave your work just to process the records request. This time all you need to do is browse the web, look for a trustworthy website and pay for the service fee. This whole process only takes a few minutes of your time to generate the data while you are at home. The good thing about this online record retrieval method is that it can be accomplished just anywhere you want for as long as you have access to the Internet.

Guam Criminal Records

The steps to acquire a copy of criminal record in Guam include:

  • Visit the Guam Police Department and ask for the form which you will complete to process the search
  • The amount you pay costs $15.00 per search payable via cash or on-island-check
  • The State has a Sex Offender Registry which the residents can access over the web
  • Also, there is the Guam Department of Corrections to see names of detainees in Guam
  • Guam Crime Stoppers was also built to get faster results on active arrest warrants, arrest reports, and the criminal history profiles.

State of Guam Arrest Records

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