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There is no other legitimate way to obtain Georgia Police Records than to visit the corresponding local enforcement agency for proper procedure. For anyone searching name-based criminal history account verification such as Letter of Good Conduct or Local Agency Response, the aforementioned method and office is the first to take. Meanwhile, if residents would need fingerprint-based unlawful account confirmation for whatever reasons then better visit the GAPS or Georgia Applicant Processing Service online or Georgia Bureau of Investigation for immigration, visa or travel purposes.

There are a couple of requisites when applying for this document. If you are checking using fingerprint to assess the criminal background of an individual, two fingerprint cards along with certified check or money order must be forwarded to Georgia Bureau of Investigation not to mention a self addressed stamped envelope to make sure it is delivered on time. Usually, this is done for people wanting to immigrate or travel. Fee for this transaction is usually at $20.00 within Georgia and expect 10-14 working days for processing period not including a mail delivery.


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However, when your intention is for licensing and other non-criminal justice objectives then opt for GAPS. By far, this is the easiest method because it is web-based. This web portal handles mentioned transactions for fingerprint-based reviews though a need to be registered by the agency is a top priority for its use. There is an exploratory charge of $20.75 for Georgia and $40.00 for Georgia and FBI. Also, $12.90 cost is augmented to every application through GAPS. Take note that when FBI documents are dispensed, the laws governing is already from the federal and state.

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Individuals living outside Georgia who need fingerprint-based background illicit document verification for job prospect or licensing should be able to complete two fingerprint cards that consist of 10 rolled fingerprints and 10 flat impressions given by local law enforcement agency and personal identification of the requester including name, date of birth and place of birth among others. Third-party online data service providers gather these types of documents for a more convenient access. The most dependable are those that ask for a nominal fee providing quality service and results.