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Georgia Criminal Records

Obtaining Georgia Criminal Records can be done by contacting and sending a request to the Office of the Sheriff or Police Departments. This type of document enlists the identification details of the person such as his or her name, date of birth, social security number, sex, race, height, weight and many others. It also reflects arrest information pertaining to the said person like the arresting agency, date of arrest as well as charges, data on final disposition forwarded by a court, prosecutor or other criminal justice agency.

The good news is that inhabitants are given the opportunity to gain access to felony conviction accounts without requiring permission from the individual whose document will be scrutinized. In fact, a government web portal is available to check whether a person has been convicted in Georgia of a felony crime and whether or not such conviction has been filed to Georgia Crime Information Center or GCIC. A fee of $15 per transaction is required as payment by means of credit card.


Georgia Criminal Records
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Another manner to process such application is through the law enforcement agencies. Usually, they provide conviction accounts which cost no more than $20.00. Upon claim, the applicant must specify the name of the subject, race, sex and birth date. But only with the consent of the individual can anyone obtain a Georgia record that consists of arrests and conviction from the GCIC. In getting help from the local agency, an authorization letter from the person being sought is needed.

Criminal Records Georgia

The online-based Georgia Applicant Processing Service lets you generate the criminal records in only a few minutes with minimal requirements from your end as a requestor. Thousands of information is being transferred online these days. Because of the convenience of the Internet, not just for individuals but the government itself, it is no wonder why most people consider it as the main source of information. To avail trustworthy reports, you must determine a fee-based online data service provider that ensures quality and efficient results.