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Divorce is quite common now in our society, and as you might imagine, California processes thousands of divorce decrees every month. California free divorce records may be obtained from “the golden state,” but you might run into difficulties you never anticipated. With over 58 counties in the state, it may take awhile to get answers about where a divorce took place unless you know ahead of time.

Before you begin a search for California divorce records, free access may be available online, but know that you won’t get the type of information that you might need if you’re looking for data to clear up a legal matter or for a family tree question. One of the reasons that searching for California free divorce records is so daunting is that the information is scattered throughout the court system. Some can be found in the Office of Vital Records and others may be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the divorce took place. California divorce records, free, may not always be the case if you go through the state for the information. A small fee is charged for the search – and it may take months to process your request. You may want to write or call the following California department for more information:

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State Dept. of Health
Office of Vital Records (MS 5103)
P.O. Box 997410
Sacramento, California 95899
Phone: 916-445-2684

The best way to conduct a search through California free divorce records is to use a private, online site. These competitive online sites charge a small fee, but they can search much farther than the simple type of information that you might find on a site that offers California divorce records free. You’ll receive much more information from the online site that is fee-based because of their databases and search engines that are specially designed to search wide and deep for the information you need. Legal and genealogical professionals maintain monthly memberships to these sites and use them on a regular basis, but you can opt for a one-time only search. If no information is found from the data you enter, you don’t pay a fee.

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Among other reasons to use a private search site to find California divorce records is that you may be asked to fill out an application and send it along with the fee and photo identification – and perhaps need to prove your reason for wanting the information. When you use a private service, you can search through California free divorce records and beyond by simply entering a small amount of relevant information about the person(s) involved and your payment information. Private search sites encrypt your payment data so there’s no chance of fraud.

Check out a private online site where you can easily obtain information about California free divorce records and receive much more information than what a “free” search offers by clicking on the link.