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Florida Birth Records are obtainable at the Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics for $9.00 per copy. State office keeps such documents since April 1865 of which the majority of them were compiled in January 1917. In some cases where the exact date is not known, the searching individual has to pay $9.00 covering the first year searched and $2.00 for each additional year to a maximum of $50.00.

Payment includes one certification of record if found or statement indicating record not on file. When you request for more copies at the same time you will have to pay $4.00 extra. Fees will have to be paid at the Bureau of Vital Statistics using personal check or money order. To be sure of the amount to be paid, it is best to contact or visit the Florida Department of Health, Vital Records Website. Just like the other public records in the said state, birth records cannot also be easily requested by just anybody. A law has been passed to govern the proper handling of the said legal reports. Requesting party will have to be screened out if he or she is eligible for records’ access.

Birth Records Florida

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Birth files in Florida though have long been made available through computer certification. In connection with the eligibility matter, the people with legal right to search include the child’s name which appears on the birth certificate and must be at least 18 years of age or be the parent, guardian, or legal representative of the child. Otherwise, a court order will have to be acquired in the pursuit of the official public documents.

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Despite the capability of Florida to make use of computers for records purposes, the processing time still slows down the pace. But, this time certain records can be possessed in no time using the Internet. No more waiting time, just perform the Florida Birth Records search at home with complete privacy and safety. Choose a 100% legitimate website to transact with and pick the one with full money-back guarantee for security assurance.