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District of Columbia Arrest Records

District of Columbia’s Criminal Division has been officially called as the overall in-charge for the preservation and distribution of all the arrest and criminal records within the state. These legal documents include felony, misdemeanor, code violations and all the traffic cases. If you are interested about the domestic violence cases then you will have to approach the Domestic Violence Unit which has its own office specifically for such a case. As an organization, they make sure that all of the necessary services are offered to the residents thus, they created four branches composing the case management branch, special proceedings, quality assurance and the court room support branch.

In this State, the arrested person is heard right on the day of the arrest or the day after to immediately come up with a court decision. So, the documentation started when the warrant of arrest is served to the accused or the respondent of the filed case. The prosecutor’s office most of the time files the case to the suspect of the crime through the Attorney’s office of the state. The arrested person is technically brought to the assigned police district to be identified, charged and booked as per the details provided by the existing law.




District of Columbia Arrest Records








When the person is booked, the next step would be the arraignment which takes place in the court. At this juncture, the defendant will be informed of the charges filed against him or her but not decision is yet to be made whether he is guilty or not. It is not also a hearing where witnesses are called and evidences are presented. So, all these scheduled activities are religiously documented so that the state will be able to come up with a comprehensive report in regards to the case of a particular person. The record is imperative for future use more especially for background checking purposes.

The retrieval of arrest and criminal records is legally allowed through the State’s Freedom of Information Act. But not all can be procured as described by the existing law; you cannot extract any police matters or legal information just like that without going through the entire procedure. Another good venue where you can look up for valuable results on arrest reports would be the Metropolitan Police Department’s Arrest and Criminal History section. The fee which you need to pay costs $7.00 per search. You just have to complete the Criminal History Request form and present government identifications to show that you are a legitimate citizen in the District of Columbia. These IDs include a driver’s license, Social Security Card, or an original birth certificate.

More so, mail requests should be notarized, otherwise it will not be processed or accepted. It must also come with a self-addressed stamped envelope. For this method, the turnaround time could take up to six weeks of waiting. Fortunately, you need not go through all these tedious steps nowadays for with the advancement of the Internet these records can be downloaded in just a few minutes. This is made possible through a reliable online records provider which allows you to make a request at anytime and anywhere you are provided that you have the Internet connection.

District of Columbia Criminal Records

The criminal records in District of Columbia can be obtained from two different offices:

  • The Criminal Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia is capable of providing such legitimate reports
  • You only have to visit the office to inquire of the steps and requirements needed to grab a copy of it
  • Or visit the Metropolitan Police Department to request the arrest report for $7.00 per copy
  • You only need to fill out the criminal request form and submit any of the government identification including social security card, driver’s license or an original birth certificate

State of District of Columbia Arrest Records

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