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Delaware Police Records

Police records from a state are statements and facts of events that took place when police were called to a scene or about a matter that required police intervention. You can find much information about a person in your life that may have had past altercations that have been recorded and filed in the police department. Delaware police records may provide you with truth about a previous incident that you want to know about. You can use police records in conjunction with criminal records to get a full background check on someone in your life – or the life of a loved one. Police records can set to rest any doubts you may have about a person’s criminal background and how he or she came to be arrested for an offense. Counties in Delaware keep local records of police calls and arrests, but if you don’t know the county in which the event took place, you can send a request to the following address:

Delaware State Bureau of Identification
Blue Hen Mall and Corporate Center; Ste. 1B
655 Bay Rd.
Dover, Delaware 19901
Phone: (302) 739-5871


Police Records Delaware


Today’s transient society has made it almost impossible to track people in our lives to make sure they’re telling the truth about their backgrounds. This can become a crucial point if you’re considering letting someone into your life who is a love interest or who might become close to your children. If the person(s) lived in Delaware, you can find criminal or police records easily if they exist. You shouldn’t rely on instinct or what a person tells you to determine whether or not to let them in your life. Making sure about the past can set your mind at ease or make a decision to let them go.

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The Internet is another way to obtain background information about someone without having to go through the red tape of the state. A private, online search service gives you privacy and also provides a complete report that you can read in your home or office. Your payment information is encrypted, so no one will know that you requested the data. All you have to do is choose from one of the many online search services, pay a reasonable fee and submit a minimal amount of information about the person in question. Powerful databases and search engines will then plow through the data and retrieve any vital information relating to the person’s name you submitted. There’s no hassle about providing identification to the state or providing a reason why you want or need the information. These Internet services have the ability to retrieve and reach far more data in a shorter amount of time than do the state search sites. You may be waiting days or weeks for a state police record, whereas you’ll receive a report from the private service almost immediately. Click on the link to find out more about how an Internet search service can help you find Delaware police records.