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Delaware Marriage Records

Delaware requires that you fill out a form to obtain copies of Delaware marriage records. Although the public has access to most vital records, some states such as Delaware require that you meet certain criteria to obtain a copy. Delaware has appointed a subcommittee for vital statistics that reviews requests for the research and investigation of records before releasing the information to anyone. If you’re approved to receive a copy of Delaware marital records, you’ll need to present identification such as a valid driver’s license, passport or government identification. In some cases you might be required to present a birth certificate or social security number. The fee is $25 to receive a copy of the marriage certificate. To request a copy of a Delaware marriage certificate, write to the following address:

Delaware Office of Vital Statistics
417 Federal St.
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 744-4556


Marriage Records Delaware

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You might need a copy of a Delaware marriage record to prove your age or identity when applying for citizenship, insurance needs or ancestry verification. Whatever your reason to request a copy of a marriage record, you should know that it might take awhile for the state to answer your request. If you need the copy of a Delaware marital record right away, you may want to consider an Internet search service that can deliver the record usually within minutes.

Delaware Marriage License Records

You’ll need to submit some information such as the full names of the husband and wife listed on the certificate, date the marriage took place and any other data that can speed the process and ensure the accuracy of the report. You don’t need to provide identification or list a reason why you’re searching for the record. If no record is found, you will not be required to pay a fee. The great thing about Internet search services is that they need very little information from you to perform the search and create a thorough and accurate report for you. It means a great deal to most people to bypass the red tape involved in requesting a copy of the marriage certificate from the state – and an Internet search service has the capabilities to search through many states to find the exact information you requested.

Like most states, Delaware is overwhelmed with the amount of vital statistics they have to keep records of and with fewer personnel to do it. Some information might be left out of the recording process and might not be as accurate as the information that an Internet search service can provide with its powerful search services and vast databases. Almost any type of vital record you desire from any state can be obtained by utilizing one of these Internet search services. Click on the link to discover how you can use an Internet search service to find Delaware marriage records you need or desire.