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Delaware Death Records

Delaware is a small, northeastern state who played a huge part in the beginning of America by ratifying the Constitution in the year, 1787. The official recording of vital statistics in Delaware only began in 1913, but you can find records that date back further from the state archives in Dover, Delaware. If you’re searching for a Delaware death record that happened after 1913, you can apply by mail by filling out an application and sending it to:

Delaware Health and Social Services
Office of Vital Statistics; Division of Public Health
Jesse S. Cooper Building
417 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901

Death Records Delaware

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You’ll need to send a check or money order for $25 with the application and some information about the deceased such as the full name, birth date, death place and other information such as parents’ names and maiden names. If you’re searching for a Connecticut death record that occurred during the past forty years, you’ll have to prove that you’re related to the deceased person and prove it by sending copies of photo identification along with the application form and the fee. You will qualify to receive the record only if you’re a child, spouse, parent or sibling of the deceased because of the Connecticut privacy laws.

Delaware Death Notices

Private, Internet web search sites are also available if you want to bypass the state’s red tape and slow report time. These services are likely to provide more information in their reports than the state has permission to do. They also use much more powerful search engines and far-reaching databases than do most states. Using an Internet search site is a no-hassle, private way of acquiring information from any vital record you may want to see. You can get criminal and divorce records as well as numerous other vital records by submitting a small amount of information and paying a reasonable fee for the search. These sites have fast become the most popular form of searching through vast amounts of information. The report you receive is accurate and up-to-date and you won’t have to worry about your own information being leaked out because it’s encrypted. Professionals use these services all the time and have come to depend on them for the accuracy they provide in the least amount of time. Usually, a state-based vital record department is short-staffed and they don’t have time or the resources to devote to a thorough search. And, if you need the record immediately, that’s not the option you should use. Internet search sites are fast and give you the data you need promptly and accurately. Click on the link to discover other advantages of using the Internet to search for Delaware death records.