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Delaware Criminal Records

The Delaware State Bureau of Identification keeps the state’s criminal records and is available to the public. The fee is $45 to access Delaware criminal records or $69 to include a Federal background search. You can use a credit or debit card, company check or a money order to pay the fee. Even though some of the criminal records are available to the public, Delaware’s privacy laws may require that you offer more information about yourself to see these records. Data such as your full name, why you want to access the information and other personal data may be necessary. Since Delaware’s rules are more complicated than most states, you may want to contact the department through the following address and/or phone number:

Delaware State Bureau of Identification
Blue Hen Mall and Corporate Ctr, Suite 1B
655 Bay Rd.
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 739-5871


Delaware Criminal Records
Public Access


Searching through Delaware arrest records by going through the state is a complicated process, and you can skip all the red tape by securing the services of an online, private Internet search site. After filling in a small amount of information that’s required to perform the search and paying a reasonable fee, you simply submit the information and within a few minutes a full report will be sent to your home or office computer. It’s a fast and easy way to obtain the data you need without waiting or digging up more information than you need to.

Criminal Records Delaware

Many professional legal persons and genealogical researchers use these online services on a regular basis to gather the information they need to prove a case or to find out more about a family tree. You can use the service on a one-time basis if you prefer by paying a single fee. If no criminal record is found, you’re charged nothing. Some people are simply curious about a complete stranger who comes into their lives or perhaps want to check out the background of a person. Others check out the backgrounds of a recent love interest to make sure that what they’re being told is the truth. It’s better to find out the truth early than to suffer the emotional consequences later on. After you enter the information on an Internet search site to find Delaware arrest records, you should have the data you need within a few moments and can peruse the report at your leisure. The report from a private search service will likely contain much more information than a state-based search would. Click on the link to find out more about how a private, online service can help you find Delaware criminal records.