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Delaware Birth Records

Birth records are vital documents just like other registers. Birth records mainly contain the child’s name, race, sex, date and place of birth; number of children in family; number this child is in family; mother’s name, race, age, occupation, and place of where you were born; also your father’s name, age, occupation, race, and place of nativity. This information distinguishes the person’s identity for legal operations such as applying for education, healthcare service and social security and more.

Birth records are usually stored in Government storage facilities. For the state of Delaware, birth records are stored at the Delaware Health and Social Services, Vital Records Section. In the state of Delaware vital records are confidential files and are only open to the public only after specific number of years. The state of Delaware states that specifically for birth records to be moved to the public archives and be open to the public, the file must be at least be 72 years old.

Birth Records Delaware

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For you to get a hold of a copy of your birth records, the state of Delaware offers three services. These services come in the form of walk-in service, through phone and online via the internet. If you wish to procure a copy of your birth records personally, you can visit their office and submit a written request. The request must include the reasons on why you wish to procure a copy of your birth records. Keep in mind that after filling up the necessary form and submitting them, you must also bring a valid government photographic identification card and submit a copy of it to their office. You must then pay the corresponding fees. The first certified copy of your birth records would cost you $25.00 and an additional $25.00 for the next succeeding copies of your birth record.

Now for the convenience of others who do not have the luxury of time, you could also obtain a copy through phone or online. You can visit their websites to get a hold of their hotline numbers. To procure a copy of the birth records online, you can file a request via an online records solution. The corresponding fee for your request is also $25.00 for the first certified copy and an additional $20.00 for every additional copy. The turnaround time for you to receive a copy of your birth records in the State of Delaware depends on the volume of requests on that day, so it is advisable to plan ahead of time. The Public Archives are open from Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:15pm except for holidays.

In the state of Delaware, for birth records under 72 years of age, only the registrant or the relatives of the registrant such as his/her parents or grandparents are allowed to get a hold of a copy of such register. For legal guardians or representatives, they must present legal documents and their reason on why they need to obtain such file for them to be eligible to procure a copy. Over the years the government has done different changes in the ways for you to procure a birth record. In these times the public are given the convenience of requesting online via the internet. You can also find other online repositories which can help you get a hold of your birth records that are much cheaper.

Birth Records Delaware
In obtaining a copy of any Delaware birth records; you can follow the outlined steps written below:

  • Submit a written request
  • Fill up the necessary forms
  • Submit a copy of valid government issued photo identification card
  • Pay corresponding fees

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