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Death matters are usually not pleasant to be involved with. Unfortunately, there are times in our life when we get caught in such predicaments. Worse still is when we are not even sure of the death of friends or relatives we have lost contact with. Or we could have questions about a known death and not quite sure where to turn to for assistance. When people are faced with such situations, it’s natural that they want answers, fast. The good news is they are easy to find if you know where to look.

Nowadays, we can obtain related free death records such as obituary, public death notices, cemeteries, burials, and certificates quite readily through a death record search. The information available is generally able to give a good account of the deceased. Particulars such as name, age, birth record, spouse, children and surviving family, address, time and place, cause and even honor are standard items returned from a public death notices. This makes death record search a handy starting point for Genealogy and Ancestry research, for once where it is not initiated under gloomy circumstances.

Death Certificate Search

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The main document that comes out of a death record search has to be the Death Certificate. A death certificate is a legal document issued by an authorized government official declaring the time, place and cause of death. Where there is reason to suspect foul play, or in cases of death in absentia or brain-dead patients, the issuance of the document will be less straightforward. Under most jurisdictions, death certificates are considered public domain documents and requests for it can be granted to any member of the public as long as procedures are followed.

Death Notices

Another public database screened during a death record search is the Social Security Death Index. It is perhaps the most common database to check if someone has already died. However, it does not necessarily mean that someone is still alive if he or she is not listed on the SSDI but for all practical purposes, the odds are good enough. This is because the source database of the SSDI is one of the most constantly updated public record databases.

So many sources of death record search are found all over the web. Many are even free of charge up to a very good degree beyond only which fees are charged. Most of these services are accessible online so it is fast, easy and convenient. And it is also a norm with all creditable fee-based providers to give money-back guarantee.