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Connecticut Criminal Records

As with most states, Connecticut criminal records are filed and maintained by the state. Connecticut has two sites where these records can be obtained – The Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut and the Court PC. Recorded court cases for the state date back to 1991and include civil, domestic, motor vehicles and criminal charges. To retrieve a background and/or criminal check from the state of Connecticut, you must first fill out a Connecticut Background Check Request Form entirely and send the form and a fee for $50 (for each name search) to the address below:

Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety
State Police Bureau of Identification
1111 Country Club Rd.
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (860) 685-8250


Connecticut Criminal Records
Public Access


Because of the volume of requests the department receives, it may take awhile to get the information you requested. Also, Connecticut has privacy laws that prevent certain parts of a criminal record from being revealed on a criminal background check. If you want to avoid this red tape that most states require, you can use a private, online search site to retrieve Connecticut arrest records or any type of background search you need.

Criminal Records Connecticut

Since the advent of the Internet, it’s never been easier to search through large volumes of information in a very short amount of time. Private, online search sites have speeded the process even more by maintaining powerful search engines and databases devoted to searching through large amounts of data in the quickest time possible. If you choose one of these services, you’ll likely receive a full report of a person’s criminal background within a matter of moments and the report will contain much more information than what is allowed through a state-based search. You only have to enter a minimal amount of information about the person in question, pay the fee and submit it to the site. By the way, your payment information is encrypted, so no information about you will appear anywhere online and no one will know that you requested the data. People have many reasons for searching criminal records, and they all have the right to do such for it is mandated by law that such reports should be made available for public use. The society in which we live makes it almost impossible to know if someone we just met is telling us the truth or not. If the person is planning to commit fraud, you can likely be in danger of losing much or all of your savings and identification information – or worse. Online sites can search through Connecticut criminal records as well as almost any state you choose. If you’re interested in finding out more about one of these sites to search through Connecticut arrest records, click on the link to begin.