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Connecticut Birth Records

Connecticut birth records are housed in the state’s Department of Public Health Vital Records Office. Birth registrations, along with other registers of important life events, are collectively referred to as vital records. In every state in the US, these records are kept by the state’s Department of Health particularly the Bureau of Vital Statistics. It is also this department’s responsibility to assist individuals who wish to get a hold of such crucial records for whatsoever licit purposes. Birth records are very helpful in a lot of undertakings. This is, as a matter of fact, a very basic requirement when it comes to employment, education, immigration and etc. In Connecticut, should you wish to procure a copy of any birth records, directing your request to the town where the event occurred would yield a quicker turnaround. Usually, six to eight weeks will be needed in order for such entreaty to be processed.

It is important, however, to take note that albeit most US states are open record states, Connecticut has imposed a certain rule when it comes to the availability of vital documents especially birth registration archives. Unfortunately, records of births that are less than a hundred years old are not open to the general public.

Birth Records Connecticut

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To be able to get a hold of such document, certain requirements must be met in which the basic prerequisite is a proof that you as the requester are related to the registrant. If you are the registrant and you are already of legal age, you can get a copy of your own Connecticut birth record. Your parents, guardian, grandparent, or spouse can also do so. For genealogical purposes, it is imperative to provide a document proving that you are indeed a member of an incorporated genealogical society authorized or allowed to conduct business or any genealogical research in the State of Connecticut. Records of births that are more than 100 years old, on the other hand, can be requested by any member of the state who wishes to so long as the requester is over 18 years of age.

Requesting Connecticut birth records require first that you are eligible to receive such certificate as mentioned above. Once the relationship is established between the requester and the registrant, completing the application form is the next step. The form is referred to as ‘Application to Request a Birth Certificate’ and can be procured through the state’s online portal or directly from the Vital Records Office. Providing a copy of a photographic identification is also requisite. Originals are not necessary. This is imperative especially in the process of establishing the relationship between the requester and the registrant. If you are asked to request a birth record for someone other than yourself or your child, you will need to submit a document that proves and verifies your relationship to the person whose birth record you are filing an entreaty for. For instance, you wish to get your parent’s birth record, you too must submit a copy of your own birth certificate so the relationship can be established.

Fees for such entreaty vary from $15 to $30 depending on where you would get the record from. To save you not only money but also joyous amounts of time, online repositories are available to assist you. Independent record providers have already made their way online thereby providing consumers a much better alternative especially in terms of the fees necessary and the turnaround time. Online record providers, in fact, can provide you with any Connecticut birth records in just a matter of minutes. That’s how fast transactions can be nowadays when they are done online.

Birth Records Connecticut
Below is a detailed instruction on how you can access and copy Connecticut State birth archives:

  • Establish your relationship with the registrant by providing a document that proves such.
  • Once the relationship has been established, complete the application form. The Application to Request a Birth Certificate document comes in two forms: one is for when you request a birth record from the town or the city of birth, and the other one is for when you request the same document from the State Vital Records Office.
  • Complete the form in its entirety with all the necessary information required.
  • Once completed, submit it to where you wish to get the record from along with the $30 processing fee.
  • Wait for 6-8 weeks to get the results of your Connecticut birth record request.

Connecticut Birth Certificate

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