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Colorado Birth Records

Giving birth is a celebrated milestone for every family. This is true, most of all for married couples who are having their first baby. It is one of the miracles in life that gives us immeasurable happiness accompanied by responsibilities for every starting family. And these responsibilities may seem daunting. But aside from their responsibilities as parents of a newborn child, this milestone entails that parents also have legal responsibilities.

The legal portion of the birth certificate shows the newborns name, date of his/her birth, and parents’ names. It is the parents’ responsibility to comply with this legal document for their newborn. For a birth certificate is required for obtaining Social Security, Medicaid/health insurance, school enrollment, driver’s license, social services such as a marriage license, and more in the coming future. This also serves as proof of the child’s relationship to the parents, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits. And also, this gives the child his/her identity.

Birth Records Colorado

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There are different ways to obtain a birth certificate. These documents are mainly stored in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, vital records section. They are open from 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday except for holidays. The general requirement for you to procure copies of birth certificate in the state of Colorado is for you to complete birth certificate request from. Upon filling up the request form, you must provide a copy of your Valid Identification card. Next, you should submit a proof of your eligibility. Applicants must submit a proof of their relationship or documentation to establish their legal interest in obtaining such legal document such as the Birth certificates, certified court orders, and insurance policies. This request will cost you $17.75 for your first certified copy. You will receive the document on the same day that you requested it.

The second way is for you to order by phone with your major credit card. You will also have to pay the same amount for the document which is $17.75. For your convenience, you can pay the additional fee of $10 using your credit card. The only downside in this method is that it would take a longer time for you to receive the document for this would take at least 2-4 business days. This turnaround, however, may also vary depending on the volume of requests such office receives at the time you filed your entreaty.

In the state of Colorado, the general public is given two options on how to procure these documents which is explained in the paragraphs above. Over the years, countless efforts have been made to make the process of obtaining of birth certificates free from any complex methodology. So the public is given a more efficient way which is convenience obtaining it online. Although it may cost you additional fees to pay, in return it helps you save time and effort. Truly, the online method is the most practical and fastest way of getting a hold of any public documents in this modern day.

Birth Records Colorado
In obtaining a copy of any public record in the state of Colorado, you can follow the outlined steps written below:

  • Fill up the birth certificate request form
  • Complete the form with all the information requisite
  • Once accomplished, mail it to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Along with the completed application or request form, submit a copy of your Identification card
  • Submit any proof of your eligibility
  • Pay the corresponding fees

Colorado Birth Certificate

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