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Much like the United States, Canada has a method of recording marriages and other vital records so that the public can search for a record they want to view. The problem for finding Canada marriage records is that they’re filed according to province and county. If you embark on finding a record by yourself, be aware that it’s extremely time-consuming – even if you know the province or county where the marriage took place. Canada is a mixture of English, French and American ancestry, so marriages that took place in Canada might found in another country or state. Even if you do find the Canada marital record you need, the data might be sketchy or inaccurate. You can apply to the various vital records departments of Canadian provinces for more information. There is no central vital records department to find out where the marriage took place, so you must know the province or county before applying. Unfortunately, many people don’t have that information and must use a fee-based search service to find the record. The fees are reasonable, and the databases and search engines they use can search far and wide for the exact record you need. You don’t need to know the province or county where the marriage took place – and, it releases you from the hassles of searching through records yourself or waiting for the Canadian province to get back to you. The report you receive from a private, online search service is concise, and you can depend on it for accuracy. The report will usually be delivered to your home or office computer within moments and you can read it in privacy.


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There are many reasons why you might want to search through Canada marital records, including genealogical and immigration issues. Some legal issues require that you have complete and accurate data when presenting it to authorities – therefore, a private search service is the best way to ask for and receive marriage information. There is such a vast amount of data now stored in Canada, the United States and other countries that these individual countries are having a hard time keeping up with it. The vital records departments are usually understaffed and the records may not be as thorough or up-to-date as you need. Sometimes, when applying through a country or state you’re asked to reveal your personal information such as relationship to the person(s) listed on the marriage certificate and why you need the information. You don’t have to reveal this information when you use an online search site. And, your payment information is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about someone finding out it was you who requested the information. Click on the link to find out more about how an Internet search site can help you find Canada marriage records.