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Canada Birth Records

Birth records, just like any other vital documents, are procured and requested most often since such register is a very basic requirement. Since it is an official vital record that is issued by a government authority, it is very useful in a handful of purposes like obtaining other important identity documents; establishing legal identity; obtaining a Canadian passport; applying for a health card, driver’s license, and social insurance number; enrolling in school; and settling an estate or accessing pension benefits.

In Canada, vital records are collectively alluded to as ‘civil registration’ which is a term generally used outside North America. Birth records along with other vital records in Canada are the responsibility of the provinces except for the registration of Native Canadians or what are referred to as First Nation individuals. This, basically, is a federal responsibility. Canada began registering births and other vital events since the 1860s although complete registration in all provinces in Canada was only achieved in the 1920s.

Birth Records Canada

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Birth records and other vital documents in Canada such as death and marriage certificates are issued by the province or territory where the event occurred. Usually, vital records are housed in the Vital Statistics Office. The process for obtaining a copy of any Canada birth records actually varies per provinces including the necessary fees for the entreaty to be processed. Nevertheless, as per the Vital Statistics Act, any of the following individuals can order a copy of a Canada birth certificate: the person named on the record provided that he is over 18 years of age; the parent of the registrant if the person indicated on the record is under 19 years old or incapable; a person who has a written permission from an eligible applicant; an officer of the provincial or federal government in Canada who requires such crucial document for an official or legal purpose; or any other individual who satisfies the registrar general; that the request for such record is made in good faith.

Procuring a birth certificate in Canada can be done via phone, in person, through mail, or online. As mentioned above, the fees for such entreaty varies per province as well as the turnaround time. Some provinces require that an application form be completed first before you can place your order for a Canada birth record whilst other provinces do not require that you fill out an application so long as you can provide their customer service representative with the same details about the birth. This is common when requests are made in person. But for requests in which the delivery method chosen is through mail, filling out an application form is a must in all provinces.

Today’s technology has helped so much in the process of making every transaction and service fast and easy. Record management and retrieval is just one of the so many benefits technology has helped humans with. Now, retrieving records can already be done in the most convenient way possible which is through the aid of online repositories. These record providers proffer the same service for a much cheaper fee and a way faster turnaround. Pull a quick record search for any Canada birth records online today and get the records you need in no time!

Birth Records Canada
To get a hold of any birth records in Canada, you can refer to the following instructions:

  • Take note that the process as well as fees and the turnaround time differ from one province to another. For the application procedures, please click here.
  • Ensure that you are eligible to procure a copy of the document.
  • If you are requesting for a birth certificate of another person, make sure to submit a proof of your relationship to the individual whose record you are requesting.
  • Choose the method of procurement. Make sure that an application form is filled out and must be completed with all the information necessary. Providing the exact information will help narrow the searches and locate the record faster.
  • Submit the accomplished form along with the necessary fees.

Canada Birth Certificate

In obtaining a copy of any Canada birth records, you can visit the provincial or territorial website of your province or territory of birth. The following are online portals of Canada’s provinces: