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California Criminal Records

Residents who are after of the California Criminal Records must download a Live Scan Form and select the “Record Review” as the type of request. Then, you have to take it to the local law enforcement office for finger-printing which costs $25.00. As under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, criminal reports have to be archived consisting the arrests, detentions and dispositions submitted by law enforcement and the courts.

Individual criminal reports are only kept until the subject reaches the age of 100 years old. The public may also check their records for whatever purposes. The only authorized entities to do the third party check are the law enforcement offices and the approved employers. While on the other hand the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations handles all reports on juvenile and adult criminals who are sentenced or on parole or perhaps on probation.


California Criminal Records
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The said Department has an online inmate search system which is updated on a daily basis including the majority of the prisoner documents. For an idea on how to perform the search, one may do it by searching through inmate number, or else search by last or first names or middle initial if available. Some of the details produced by the Department of Corrections comprise the custody location, present status, personal identifying information to help properly trace the right detainee, date of imprisonment and the target date of release.

Criminal Records California

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