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California Birth Records

The California Department of Health, Vital Records has all the California Birth Records since July 1905 up to these days. Requests are entertained as mandated by law but for a corresponding amount of $16.00 per copy. Those that took place prior to the said year should contact the County Recorder in the county where the event happened. Fees will have to be sent to the mentioned office. But, in case there are changes in the request rate it is wise to visit the department’s website for that information.

If you are after of the certified copy of the said documents, you need to sign the statement under penalty of perjury with the notarized sworn statement. More importantly, the request form should be filled-out completely. In California, authorized copies of birth documents are only accessible to the person listed on the certificate itself, parents or legal guardian, other direct relative, or someone with a legal representative to access the birth record. Thus, it does not belong to the public record where anybody can just view them.

Birth Records California

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Those interested to search on these legal files may either make the request directly to the California Department of Public Health or to the county office where the birth occurred. The mentioned department has the list of all the county records for your quick reference if you want to search locally. Technically, the processing time of older records is longer, about 10 weeks while the newer records may only take up to 2 weeks.

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But, with the recent development of modern technology, people no longer have to wait for weeks but in just a few minutes this time. This becomes a possibility with the powerful intervention of the Internet today. California Birth Records are now readily updated online where residents may download them for a very reasonable price. Plus, the search can be performed nowhere else but within the comfort of your home with a totally discreet access. For anyone to conduct a successful search, you just need to look for a 100% legitimate website with full money-back guarantee.