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California Arrest Records

California Department of Justice is joined by the Attorney General’s office which works together with the state and county courts in upholding the California Public Records Act being implemented since 1968. Note that part of the many provisions of the law states that only the records owner will have the full authority to request the California arrest records. Others permitted to do so include the law enforcement agencies and also the applicant agencies with legal consent from the court itself. To get it straight, third parties will not be allowed to perform the request unless the court finds a legal reason to give the go signal.

The first step to move forward in acquiring a copy of an arrest record would be to submit fingerprint images; this is done at your local police stations and sheriff offices, so you just decide which office you would want to go to. The Department of Justice also performs fingerprinting service at the amount of $25.00 as per management’s policy. The procedure includes the completion of the Live Scan Form or the Request for Live Scan Service, in the form you choose Record Review as your type of application, and then you state your reason for applying. The rest of the personal information being asked should be filled out and then submit to the Live Scan site to go through the fingerprinting service.


California Arrest Records


Those who are from outside California may also do the request complying with the manual fingerprint cards. The form called Application to Obtain Copy of State Summary Criminal History Record will have to be procured when doing the application while you are away from the State. Similar to the above process, you will have to visit a local law enforcement unit for fingerprinting services. It is important that the fingerprint card must have your complete name, birthdate, sex and return mailing address to ensure that you will receive the search results eventually. More so, this manual application requires that payments should be made via personal checks, money order or certified checks. The Record Review Unit of the State’s Department of Justice will get and accommodate the request.

On the other hand, if you would like to do online requests you will have to address it to the state’s Public Records Coordinator under the supervision of the Attorney General’s Office. The request form is downloadable from the official website of the Attorney General’s office. You go through the form and read it carefully, making sure that all the details being asked are filled out. The form provides the exact address where you will be sending your application, so see to it that you got the right mailing address.

Today brings more options as to how California arrest records are retrieved. At this point, they are not only accessible at the Department of Justice and at the Attorney General’s office, but also at every law enforcement unit positioned under the respective counties within the state. More so, apart from doing the search manually, private computer-based archives are now being developed to grab the results much quicker. It has also come to a point where you don’t have to go out of your home at all to pull up the information you are seeking for. In this case, all you have to do is download the legal data from a trusted online records solution. The service is hassle-free and instant for a very reasonable amount of fee.

California Criminal Records

So, how are you going to make the request? Follow the steps below:

  • Fill out the Live Scan Form
  • Application must be marked as for ““Record Review” type of request
  • Provide valid reason for making the application
  • Complete personal information being asked
  • When done, take it to local police station for fingerprinting services
  • If you are living outside California, then you fill out the form on Criminal History Record
  • Submit the completed forms to the Records Review Unit under the California Department of Justice

State of California Arrest Records

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