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Birth Records

Birth Records is a very well-searched category of public records. Besides being a valuable resource for genealogy and family history research, it is also an excellent starting point for adoption investigation. In recent times, birth records and archives have been greatly boosted by the advent of the computer age. All state government offices maintain very adequate birth records. Like other vital records that come under government authority, birth records are under the jurisdiction of the state and managed by municipal officials.

Birth Records contains information of name, time and place, gender, weight and height, parents’ particulars, registration number and race of the subject.

Birth Records

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Birth records searches are available usually free-of-charge at the respective public offices. Even commercial databases often offer unlimited free searches, bundling it into other fee-based packages. Searches can be made on-site in person, through the mail or most prevalently by far today, online. Searches are by and large anonymous, especially with the paid-versions where confidentiality and privacy protection is water-tight.

For serious searches, it is advisable to turn to the professionals. Many good ones are readily found on the net. The market is competitive so take your time to pick and choose. Check out their track records in database size and scope, accuracy, return rate, private and privileged sources and customer support. If unsure, there are providers who extend trial subscriptions. Furthermore, almost all commercial databases give full money-back guarantee if dollars and sense is a concern