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Police Arrest Records

The US is number 1 again. But this time, it’s notoriously so. Latest statistics on incarceration rate bode very badly for us. Greater than 1 % of American adults are under lock-up, that’s more than 2 million people and they will get out someday, just like their predecessors. That’s not even including ex-inmates and those incoming ones. Based on statistics, a good number of these people will return to their old ways and continue to pose as societal threat when they get out.

Of course, public measures are in place to tackle the problem of crimes but ultimately, the onus is still back on us to safeguard our own interests and loved ones. Different people deal with it differently. Some are even indifferent to it till too late. For those who are aware of how bad the rot is, there is fortunately a very practical and handy precautionary measure available to at least mitigate the threat. Yes, check the Police Arrest Records every time we are unsure about anyone just to be sure.

Arrest Records

Police are known to be excellent record keepers. Every interaction with the police will trigger the generation of a report that goes on official record. It can be anything from armed robbery to traffic violation, gun permit to address change and so forth, they have it all on file. They are hence very useful in providing information about someone especially if they are a threat to other people.

Police Reports

Police arrest records are basically free public records. However, there are variations in their treatment among the different state and county jurisdictions. Some are easy-going with them and some are tight although they are all technically public, with some requiring certain forms of consent, signatures or even fingerprints for release of information. That said, it must be noted that the use of free police records information is restrictive by law and can result in police action in itself if flouted.

Like other things, free public police records are greatly facilitated by technology these days. What used to be a cumbersome and tedious process is now practically a breeze as a result of office automation and the internet. And it gets even more effortless for those who employ paid version of Police Arrest Records from commercial record providers. Even so, it’s still only a fraction of the cost of such endeavors used to be in the old days.