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Are You Doing Some Criminal Detective Work?

As Parents of teenagers, there comes a point in time that we may need to do some detective work. Especially if your children is spending a lot of time with someone new, or a new roommate with your older child that gives you that not so right feeling. It is scary to imagine that you could be face to face with danger without realising it. Whatever the situation, there are times when you just don’t feel right about someone. As a parent, your protective nature tells you something needs to be done. But you don’t want to be a snooping parents. What do you do in such situation?

Most parents think they should stay out of their teenager’s business. But those worrying thought are bugging you. It is difficult to weight the safety of your child against their privacy. There is no outright answer when come to situation like this. But if the feeling you have is so strong that you are truly worried about your child, you do have options.


Public Criminal Records


Try talking to your son or daughter first. They might be able to provide you with information you need. But sometimes they won’t. This are times when parents are forced to find things out by themselves. With recent advancement in internet search technology, all you need is just a name and state of residence to conduct a Criminal Background Check Online. Such commercial database provides reports like arrest, driving violations, violence, sex offences, gangs, drugs fraud, public disturbance ,firearms permit, police accident report and more.

You can find out if that person has any encounter with the above crime. It is very difficult to imagine your child spending time with a criminal, but it happens all the time. Chances are, your child doesn’t even know. The search is private, so no one but you will know that you ever investigated the individual’s background. Remember, you are not snooping or invading anyone’s privacy. For a piece of mind, you have the right to protect your child and yourself. And you are utilizing that right!