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Arkansas Divorce Records

Do you (or a loved one) have a new love interest and you’d like to find out if he or she is telling the truth about a divorce in his past that occurred in Arkansas? You can easily check the background of anyone if you know where and how to look for it. The first option you likely thought of was to search through Arkansas divorce records from the Vital Statistics Section of the Arkansas Department of Health. You can look for divorce records in the state of Arkansas that date from 1923 forward and can request a copy of the divorce decree by filling out an application form and mailing it to:

Vital Statistics Section
Arkansas Department of Health
4850 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: (888) 803-1118

Divorce In Arkansas

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Included in the application should be both divorced party’s names (the wife’s maiden name), country and date on which the divorce too place, your relationship to one of the petitioner’s and why you want to access the records. You’ll also need to enclose a fee of $10, payable by money order, check or credit card (if you apply by phone). Because of the Privacy Act, divorce records can’t be released to the general public by the state, so you might want to check into a fee-based, online search service to perform the fact-finding mission. The Internet has spawned many online search services out of a need for people to gather background information about people who may be seeking employment, someone who recently moved into the neighborhood or a new love interest. It’s a fact of our society that we have to do our own searching now and not depend on people to tell us the truth. There are too many scams and frauds out there for us to trust word-of-mouth. A fee-based, online search service can provide all the data you need for you to make a decision about a person that could save your business, your emotional welfare – and even your life. The state law prevents the general public to access some information because of the Privacy Act, but online search services have powerful search engines and vast-reaching databases to find just what you need.

AR Divorce Records

All you have to do is enter some information about the divorced couple you’re looking for and submit the data for the search. Your payment information is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out it was you who requested the search. In addition, you don’t have to state a reason for the search request like you must in some state-based searches. Even if you can access state records, you may not receive such information as the grounds for divorce, alimony, division of assets, liabilities, child custody and property settlements. All you may receive is a confirmation that the couple was or was not divorced. Click on the link if you’d like to discover more information about how to conduct a search from an online search site. It’s easy and it may mean a big difference in the rest of your life.