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Arizona Divorce Records

There are many reasons that an individual could be seeking out free public records like birth, marriage, and death records. Regardless of your reasons for doing a search of only Arizona divorce records, your search could provide you with a solid amount of information that can help you with a range of personal and professional projects.

The State of Arizona maintains copies of some vital records, like birth and death certificates, in the Office of Vital Records. Records that related to marriage and divorce, however, are maintained in the specific county where the event took place.

Divorce In Arizona

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Closed Records State
The State of Arizona has a “closed record” policy related the majority of its vital records; this is done as a means of protecting the privacy of Arizona residents. What this means for you, as a researcher, is that Arizona’s laws will restrict your access to vital records. There are, however, a few situations that will allow you to have access to some records.
As a genealogist, you will be able to access information that doesn’t fall into the category of free public records if you can meet a few criteria.

  • You will need to demonstrate a relationship to the person you are researching. Birth certificates and marriage certificates can help to establish a relationship
  • You will need to submit an application stating your relationship and intent for the use of information obtained
  • You will need to provide a valid form of government-issued identification, like a passport or driver’s license
  • You will need to pay a nominal fee

AZ Divorce Records

If an attorney or the individual to whom the divorce decree pertains is seeking out information for Arizona divorce records then they need to visit the county courthouse where the divorce was processed. There may be a nominal fee associated with obtaining access to or a copy of the divorce records.
Making Your Search Successful

As already mentioned, there is no centralized records center for vital records in Arizona. This means that you will need a few specific things to make your search successful. Some of these include the following.

  • The name of the county in which the divorce took place
  • The name of the petitioner and the other involved party
  • The ages of both parties
  • Date of the marriage
  • Date of the divorce
  • The filing number associated with the divorce – if you have it

Reasons For Searching
There are a great many reasons to search Arizona divorce records, in addition to doing a family history research project. Perhaps you are seeking to get remarried but require evidence that your first marriage was actually terminated; getting access to these records is an essential part of ensuring the legality of your new married. Perhaps you are seeking evidence in a probate case; divorce records can determine someone’s eligibility to receive estate and life insurance benefits. No matter what your searching reasons may be, you should ensure that you are adhering to the State’s laws about accessing vital records.

There are many types of free public records that you can definitely gain ready access to. While gaining access to Arizona divorce records can be a little bit more of a challenge, if you follow the guidelines set in place by the State, you will soon find exactly what you are looking for.