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Arizona Arrest Records

The Arizona Department of Public Safety takes the key to unlocking the Arizona arrest records in coordination with the Criminal History Records Section which is commissioned to be the central archive the said reports. The entire organization acts in line with existing Arizona Revised Statute 41-1750, entitling the public to make a request. To get started, a requesting party must have the Record Review Packet. It contains the following information including Instructions, Blank Applicant Fingerprint Card, Contact Information Sheet and the Pre-addressed return envelope. It can be downloaded online via the Public Safety’s webpage.

Part of the necessary steps to get a copy of a criminal record in Arizona would be to produce fingerprints. These are of course important to positively identify the person being sought for. The entire processing of your application could take 15 business days before it gets mailed back to you. This is from the time the Record Review Packet is received by the office of the Public Safety. If you are to request for your own record, you are not entitled to pay any amount as per provision of the law in Arizona. Fees will have to be inquired at the Criminal History Records Section as payments do vary and could change over time as per management’s decision.




Arizona Arrest Records








If you are trying to retrieve your own record and you see some discrepancies of it then you have the option or the chance to have it amended by filling out the Review and Challenge of Arizona Criminal History Record Information form which will be provided by the office upon the return of the results of your request. As soon as you have turned in the request to amend form, the Central State Repository will take care of the business by coordinating with the criminal justice agencies who will verify the content of the data. After which, the State Repository will update the Federal Bureau of Investigation for synchronization of records purposes.

Note that results will only be sent via mail and will never be done through phone for some security reason. If you need to do a background check on someone else then you will have to go to the Criminal History Records Section or at the Central State Repository. It is done by conducting a fingerprint based state and federal criminal history check by authorized agencies of the ARS 41-1750 and Public Law 92-544. The Central Repository and the Criminal History Records Section will know on what to do. Thus, you better check in with these two agencies for the related information on generating arrest reports.

Over time, getting a copy of a criminal record becomes very handy with the help of an Internet-based records repository. This modern time has brought so much convenience as to how the legal data can be obtained in a more efficient and hassle-free way. You only need to tap to a trusted records provider to be able to get information about the arrest documents. This is another option which residents in Arizona can learn to conduct to make searches become more like a walk-in-the-park.

Arizona Criminal Records

Steps to retrieve a copy of Arizona criminal record:

  • Go to the Criminal History Records Section under the State’s Department of Public Safety
  • Secure a copy of the Records Review Packet form
  • Go through further instructions to proceed with the search
  • Submit fingerprints and the completed packet to the Criminal History Records Section

State of Arizona Arrest Records

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