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Alaska Police Records

Police records can be used for a number of issues, especially looking up background information. Alaska police records are kept by the Department of Public Safety, and you can request a copy by sending a request form to the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau. Police are required to write an accurate report on every event they’re called to. There will be a search fee of $20 for one copy and $5 for each copy thereafter. Make a check or money order payable to the State of Alaska. You should obtain a form from the department and be ready to provide such information as the full name of the subject in question, address and other pertinent data that can ensure the accuracy of the report. Send the form and fee to:
Criminal Records and Identification Bureau
5700 East Tudor Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: (907) 269-5767

In the state of Alaska, there are three types of police reports available:

  • Subject – Available only to the subject involved in the police record. The report includes criminal charges, dispositions and a sealed record.
  • Public for Any Reason – A report that contains current and still open criminal charges and those charges that resulted in a court conviction – including records that are sealed.
  • Interested Person – You might request this Alaska police record if you’re interested in knowing the true background of a person in your life. It will include criminal charges and dispositions, but will exclude sealed records.

Police Records Alaska


The reason for a police record is to report the straight facts so that if a case goes to court, the legal professionals can determine charges. These reports are also used for investigation purposes and can prove helpful to reveal the true facts on a person in question. Reports are significant for both defendants and the court since they provide evidence that could be crucial to a conviction or otherwise.

Alaska Police Reports Public Record

Alaska police reports are also available through Internet online search services. If you’re wondering whether a person in your life – a love interest, or someone close to a person you love – is telling the truth or might have derogatory police records in Alaska or other states, you can use the services of an Internet search site to help you solve the mystery. Internet search sites and search engines are much more powerful than state-based searches and can deliver the information you need quickly and accurately. Your payment information is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anyone discovering that it was you who requested the record. Internet search sites have become extremely popular since large amount of data have become available to the public. You can set your mind at ease and be able to make critical decisions about people in your life by searching through police records. Click on the link to see how an Internet search site can help you find Alaska police records.