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Alaska Birth Records

Birth records, just like any vital records, are legal documents. As such, they are maintained and kept in safety by government repositories since these documents serve a lot of purposes. These documents are essential for us to apply for services such as application for school, your social security, healthcare insurance and many more.

In Alaska, these registers are mainly housed in the Alaska Department of Public Health and Social Services Division of Public Health, Vital Records Section. Such department is responsible for maintaining vital records in the state including archives of births. According the Bureau of Vital Statistics, under Alaska law, all vital records are completely confidential until such time that they had become public records. For birth records, they can be open to the public if 100 years have passed after the said event.

Birth Records Alaska

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For you to obtain a birth certificate in Alaska, you can visit the aforementioned department. In order for you to be able to get your hands on these documents, there are specific requirements for you to meet or comply. First is you should remember that only the person requesting for his birth certificate can do so, except for parent who may get their own child’s birth record. Second is that birth certificate can also be given or furnished to a legal guardian provided that the guardian must submit a certified copy of the guardianship papers granted by the court should they request for a copy of an Alaska birth certificate. Any legal representative may also obtain a birth certificate in behalf of a person, provided that he presents a documentation showing that such birth certificate is needed for the determination of property rights. In line with this, he has to present a letter of whom he will represent.

After meeting these requirements, you can already file an entreaty for any Alaska birth record you are required with by filing a formal application. Secure an application form from the said department, print it out and fill it out with all the significant details required. Once the form is accomplished, you can then mail it or fax it to their office. Remember that upon filing your request, you must provide a copy of a valid Identification card. Processing time for request sent through normal mail would take at least 2-3 weeks from the day the bureau received your request form. The initial search fee is a non-refundable $30.00. The first copy of the birth certificate would cost you $30.00 and the bureau will charge you for an additional $25.00 for the next subsequent copies. They also offer walk-in services in specific locations such as Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Juneau. For the office hours and location, please visit their website.

We must remember that vital records are important legal documents. Therefore we must caution ourselves when choosing a way of obtaining them. The government also gives the public a choice for them to procure these documents online via e-mail. However, alternative record repositories that have a state-wide database are already available online to help individuals who wish to get any public records such as birth registers the easiest and fastest way possible. Indeed, this is a much more convenient way to obtain the documents as you can save valuable time, money, and effort in doing so.

Birth Records Alaska
In obtaining a copy of any birth registers in the state of Alaska you can follow these simple steps below:

  • Print and fill up there request form
  • Send out the form via mail or e-mail
  • Present any valid government issued identification card
  • For walk-in services, refer to this
  • Pay appropriate fees

Alaska Birth Certificate

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