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Alabama Criminal Records

Criminals are labelled as criminals when they are found to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Various types of crimes have been sorted out and managed by different units and agencies. For an overview of the crime statistics in Alabama, the place to go check on to would be the state’s Crime Statistics and Facts office. This is the ideal place to visit whenever an individual, company or organization is trying to go after such important legal documents. Alabama criminal records hold around 2009 offenses all over the state and are made accessible by county and agency.

Some of the usually reported crimes include motor vehicle theft, larceny/theft, burglary, aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape, non-negligent manslaughter/homicide among others. They have been preserved and updated for future references of the general public, government and the private sector groups.The criminal records are kept so that the residents will have peace of mind as they seek out the truth about something. It is the right way to ensure the provision of maximum security in any aspects of the business.


Alabama Criminal Records
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To perform the conventional search you need to print out a copy of the request form from the state’s official website or simply ask for one from the law enforcement office. Then, you need to have your fingerprints taken at any of the law enforcement agencies. When things are ready to go, then submit the request to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center with an amount of $25.00 per copy for the service fee. For a heads up, applications are normally returned after 5 to 10 business days since the receipt of the request.

Criminal Records Alabama

As time went by, Alabama has developed an online approach to obtaining criminal reports. But, there’s still an issue in regards to the delivery time as it is somehow slowed down along the way by a few factors. The great news is that Alabama criminal records can now be downloaded so fast even at your own home. The Internet is now an unconquerable place to go to when it comes to acquiring not only plain information, but legal data for legitimate proceedings. So long as the online resource is 100% legal, searches can be done very quickly in no time for the all-encompassing data result.