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It is customary that new born babies should have their own birth records kept at each state repository. The parents are obliged to report to the registrar’s office the birth of their daughter or son for documentation purposes so that the local government can officially issue a birth certificate in future time when needed. In Alabama, birth database is handled by the state’s Center for Health Statistics, Alabama Department of Public Health. Policies on how to request such have to be followed; otherwise it will not be accommodated.

At the state level, records have been compiled since January 1908 up to present, thus, a wide range of data can be collected for whatever uses. Such reports actually cost $15.00 per copy, plus another $6.00 apiece if you wanted to get more copies. Nowadays, the number of those who are requesting for these files have gone up according to reports. They are commonly used when enrolling in school, looking for a job and for identification purposes.

Birth Records Alabama

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Keep in mind though that unlike death records, birth documents can only be considered as public files at the end of 125 years after birth. More so, they are only obtainable to family members or to a legal representative. The order can be done by sending an email, mail or visiting the office in person. The state’s Public Health’s office also has the capability of providing such information via an online database; residents just have to comply with the procedures set for electronic searching. In the case of the manual process, applications normally get completed after 7 to 10 business days.

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It has always been a concern to many that orders are not returned very soon that’s why people got tired of it and had no choice but to still comply. However, the birth of online record providers has brought so much convenience for the public to benefit from.  It only needs to be 100% legitimate and you will get the records you need in just a few minutes. Plus, you no longer have to spend much time going to the office to place your request, but stay at home and search for the Alabama birth records hassle-free.