West Virginia Birth Records

The first kind of public record that a person would encounter in his or her life would be birth records. These records are actually made before a man or a woman is born, but they are only completed after the person whom the records refer to is born because only a person who was born alive would ever have a birth record for himself. Thus, birth records are the best proof that a person is who he or she claims to be and it is advisable for a person to always has at least one copy of his or her birth records, but this ideal situation is often challenged by reality. Luckily, however, collection of birth records, such as the West Virginia Birth Records, does exist, and requesting for copies of birth records from the same is rather easy.

The people who could be issued birth records are restricted to the person so named in the record being requested or a close relative of the same. This is a security arrangement that was put into place in order to minimize, but not really to eliminate, the criminal activity that is known as identity theft. Note that this is possible because birth records do establish identity.

Birth Records West Virginia

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The primary state level agency that is responsible for releasing birth records in the state of West Virginia is the Department of Health and Human Resources. The agency was established in 1917, so the only records in the office of birth, or of anything, are records made and filed after that date. Older birth records may be found either at the state archives or at the office of the local issuing authority of the county where the birth occurred. Of the two, the preferred method would be to take the search to the state archives.

A request for a birth record at this office requires the searcher to head over to the office of the Department and to make the request there. Note that the searcher should bring with him a government issued identification card with his picture and signature to verify his identity. Now, once at the office, the searcher should request for an application form which he must then fill out as accurately as possible. Note that this application form requests the searcher to indicate his familial relation with the person in the record if he is not the same. Once the application form has been completed, the searcher should submit the form along with the required fee to the clerk. The required fee is twelve dollars per copy of a birth record.

There are also birth records available online through a number of online databases. Although most are unaffiliated with the government, these databases provide the same information as these databases, albeit at a faster and more efficient manner than the government databases. There are also some online databases that do not charge anything for the use of their databases, and, as with all internet searches, these online databases could be used from the comfort of the home of the searcher without the need to fall in line.

Birth Records West Virginia
The procedure below must be followed when requesting for birth records at the state level

  • Head over to the Division of Vital Records, Department of Health and Human Resources
  • Request a birth record application form from a clerk on duty.
  • Fill up the form as accurately as possible. Note that you must supply your familial relation with the person named in the records you are requesting for if you are not the one referred to by the records.
  • Present your identification card with your picture and signature and any other proof that may be required by the clerk.
  • Once the clerk is satisfied, you would be asked to pay the required fee.
  • After paying the required fee, wait two to four hours for the birth record to be issued to you.

West Virginia Birth Certificate

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Massachusetts Birth Records

Perhaps the most important record in the life of a human being is his birth certificate. This single piece of paper is usually all that is needed in order to establish the identity of someone when applying for some of the most basic identification cards that are available from the government. This single piece of paper, however, is also one of the most coveted pieces of information on a person because once the information contained within the birth certificate had been copied and taken; anyone can claim to be that person. This is the reason why Massachusetts Birth Records, while available to the public, are strictly controlled when it comes to their issuance.

A birth record or certificate is considered to be a vital record, therefore, a person requesting for the same would first have to check out the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. This office keeps everything from birth records to death records and everything in between. Note, however, that the office does not carry records from before the year 1921. For records prior to that year, the searcher would have to request for the records at the Massachusetts state archives where those records are being kept because they are considered to be of historical importance.

Birth Records Massachusetts

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At the registry, there are various methods that one could use in order to obtain copies of birth records. The first and probably the simplest method that could be used would be for the searcher to personally request for the copies of the record at the registry itself. The procedure requires that the searcher appear before the counter and make the request there. Note that the only thing required from the searcher at this point would be for the searcher to provide information regarding the document that he or she is requesting for, and these information is usually limited to the name on the record, the place where the event, the birth, occurred, and the date when the event occurred. Note that the searcher must bring a valid identification card and must be able to prove that he or she is related to the person that is referred to in the certificate as the certificate that is going to be issued would be a certified true copy. Payment for the birth record would only be accepted at the counter and each record costs twenty dollars.

The other steps to request for records at the office include requesting for the same through mail, but the same would cost considerably more depending on the type of request. A basic request would cost thirty dollars while an expedited mail would cost more than fifty dollars.

Of course, birth records could also be obtained from the internet using online databases. Although most are not affiliated with the government, they do provide the same information as government offices, albeit in a faster and more efficient manner. Some of these databases also do not charge anything for the use of their archives, and because they are internet searches, the search could be done from the home of the searcher without the need to fall in line or to even consider the fact that there are no records in government offices prior to the year 1921.

Birth Records Massachusetts
The procedure for requesting for birth records is given below

  • Head over to the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
  • Wait for a counter to be open at the vital records division of the registry.
  • Once the counter is open, inform the clerk on the other side of your intention to request for copies.
  • The clerk would ask for some information regarding the copy that you wish to obtain. Try to answer as accurately as possible.
  • The clerk would then search for the record using the information that you had given using their own database.
  • If there are records, the clerk would produce them, but would ask you to pay the required fee in accordance with their schedule of fees
  • If there are no records, the clerk would inform you of the same.
  • After you had paid the required fee, the clerk would issue to you your certified copy of the record.

Massachusetts Birth Certificate

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