Minnesota Police Records

Minnesota police records are open to the public, but not easy to access. Some records are restricted to certain information and others are subject to Minnesota’s privacy laws. The Department of Health in Minnesota records some information, but police records must be obtained from the city’s police department where the incident took place. Police records are fact-based reports about an incident where the police were called or when a report was made in person at the police department. You may want to find out if a person is telling the truth about an incident or delve further into his or her background. If you don’t know the city where the incident took place or need a general criminal background search on a person, send a request to:

Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
CJIS – Criminal History Access Unit
1430 Maryland Avenue E
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106
Phone: (651) 793-2400

Police Records Minnesota

A police or criminal records may reveal much information about the person in question, such as address and phone number, age and date of birth and other crimes he or she may have committed in Minnesota. Vital records may contain essential data for a background check or to check out genealogy for research on a family tree. Some information, you can obtain by newspaper records and other vital records from the Department of Health in Minnesota.

Minnesota Police Reports Public Record

If you don’t want to or have the time to go through the red tape and rules and regulations of obtaining records from the state, you can use one of the many Internet search sites that are available to private citizens. By paying a reasonable fee, you access records that may not be available if you use a state-based search site. These private sites offer dynamic search engines and far-reaching databases that will reference and cross-reference various states to find other information about a person’s background. A state-based search is limited only to that state. You may need to check a person’s police records so you can check on your suitor’s past, new neighbors or a new person in your child’s life. Whatever the reason for your search, the Internet delivers a report rapidly and accurately – taking the guess work out of the records. Most online search sites are run by professionals who are educated in how to quickly and accurately obtain any type of vital record that you need. All you have to do is submit some basic information (such as the full name) about a person and you’ll receive an email with the report in a matter of a few moments. A Minnesota police records search can put your mind at ease about a new person in your life and help you make a decision on certain issues. Click on the link to find out more about how you can use an Internet search site to find police records in almost any state.

Maine Police Records

Even though some information contained in police records are now available to the public, all of the data may not be released. The Freedom of Information Act made it possible to search for a person’s background and other vital records, but every state has its own privacy laws which prevent certain information from being released to the public. For example, for obvious reasons, the states won’t release some juvenile crime information because of the ages of the perpetrators. Maine police records can be searched if you provide some basic information such as the full name and date of birth of the person in question. If the record is found, you’ll see a copy of the record that reveals conviction and charges if less than one year old. The accuracy of the report depends on the accuracy of the data you submit. For example, if you don’t know the person’s true birth date, you may see a record for someone with the same name but isn’t the person’s record you needed. You may need to wait up to two weeks for a response if the state has to resort to a manual search. Fees for a Maine police record search vary from $21 to $31, and if you want the document notarized, add another $10 to the fee. For more information, contact the Maine State Police at the following address:
Maine State Police Headquarters
42 State House Station
45 Commerce Dr.
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: (207) 624-7200

Police Records Maine

Another method of searching for Maine police records takes all the hassle out of using a state-based search and provides an accurate and timely report for all police records associated with the name you submit. Internet search sites are private, fee-based searches that only take a few moments. They’re able to reference and cross-reference the data you submitted because of the powerful search engines and databases that they maintain.

Maine Police Reports Public Record

You’ll be more likely to receive the information you need rather than relying on a state-based search that isn’t capable of reaching farther than the state. These sites are relied upon by legal professionals and genealogists to provide the best and most accurate information in the shortest amount of time. Many maintain monthly memberships to the site and use them on a daily basis. You can conduct a one-time search by paying a reasonable fee and submitting the name and other basic information about the person in question. Then, simply wait for the results. This type of search can remove some of the doubt about whether or not a person in your life is telling the truth about his or her past. To find out more information about private, online search sites, click on the link and see how easy it is to search through Maine police records for the data you need.