Canada Death Records

There is no central repository in Canada for you to access vital records. Instead, you must know the province or territory in which the event took place and then apply. The records are usually filed in the Vital Statistics office of that specific area. They can provide certificates of death and other services. You can access Canada death records whether you are a legal resident or not, but you must carefully follow the instructions to receive the information. Note that you have to be eligible to apply for access to a death certificate, which means that you should be able to provide death information and also identification as to whom you are (what relation to the deceased), funeral home, the deceased persons parents and/or spouse and why you want the record. When you fill out the form, be careful to insert French symbols or accents to the name if required. If you’re going to be searching for a Canada death record that took place before 1900, you should beware that it may not be available since archives weren’t rigidly kept at that time.

Online, Internet search sites can also help you find vital records from Canada as well as the United States and some other countries and U.S. territories. They provide thorough and timely searches and deliver a report to you usually in moments from the time you submit the information. Internet search sites are a great alternate solution to the vast amount of data held in a state’s or country’s vital records. Most of these vital records departments are short staffed and it may take a long time to get a response from your request.







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When you use a private, Internet service to request information about a death record, you’ll only need a small amount of data about the deceased. The service has the power of databases and search engines that will quickly ferret out the name and if it appears in more than one state. So, the report you get might contain much more information than you would have received from a Canada-based search. After you submit the information for the search, you’ll likely receive a response within minutes. You can research other vital records from these Internet sites too, such as marriage, criminal and divorce records. They can be a valuable resource for information about a family tree or in proving a legal matter.

Canada Death Notices

Since Canada requires that you know the province or territory where the death was recorded, it may take you a long time to discover the actual place and then even more time to submit information for a response. Find out more about how you can use an Internet search service to find information that you need, click on the link.

Hawaii Death Records

Obtaining copies of Hawaii death records is extremely complicated and keep in mind that Hawaii privacy laws dictate that death records are kept confidential for 75 years. If the death occurred earlier than 75 years ago, anyone can access the records and there are no restrictions. You can obtain a death record copy by completing an application form and then mail or hand-deliver it to the Vital Records department in Hawaii. Whether you mail it or hand-deliver the application you’ll need to wait for ten days to three weeks to receive a response. There is a search fee of $10 ($4 for each additional copy) that’s non-refundable and that can be paid by money order or certified check if you’re mailing it in (make payable to the Hawaii State Department of Health). You’ll need to know the full name, death date and place and parents’ names, plus some other pertinent data and state what your relationship is to the deceased. You’ll also need to include copies of photo identification that proves who you say you are on the application. Hawaii has been recording death records since 1842, so there is a wealth of information available for genealogy purposes. After gathering the information you’ll need, mail it to:

Hawaii Dept of Health; Office of Health Status Monitoring
Issuance/Vital Statistics Office
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96801
Phone: (808) 586-4539

Death Records Hawaii

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The report you’ll receive should include such information as the parents’ names, the deceased’s birth date, where he or she was born, maiden name, addresses and ages of parents, marital status at the time of death and location of the burial site.

Hawaii Death Notices

To ensure a full report of Hawaii death records, you may want to consider using an Internet search site that’s private and can deliver much more information in a very short amount of time. Such search sites have been a boon to the genealogical profession and those searching for their own family trees to research and gather data they need to progress. Legal professionals also use these sites and depend on them to procure accurate and up-to-date information in a timely manner. Sometimes, information received from an Internet search can reveal issues that can solve a case or prove a point. Private Internet search sites charge a reasonable fee to conduct the search, but if no information is found based on the data you submitted, there is no charge. Since state-based search sites can take a while to process and might not be as thorough as you’d like, an Internet search site might be a great alternative. Most Internet search sites offer the same type of searches, but look at the benefits and advantages of various ones to make your decision. To find out more about how to search Hawaii death records, click on the link.