Oregon Marriage Records

If you’re searching through records and news paper articles for information about your family history, consider performing a search through the state to reveal long lost data about your ancestors. You can request a search of Oregon marriage records for a fee of $20 ($15 for each additional copy) and by providing some information about the event if it occurred from 1910 until the present day. If the marriage took place at an earlier time, the Oregon State Archives would have those records. Gather as much information as you can before you conduct the search to ensure the accuracy of the data you’ll receive. So many names are spelled identically, that it’s helpful if you provide the middle names of persons on the certificate, date of the event and the county, if known. After you’ve gathered the data and filled out the form, send it, the fee and also proof of how you’re related to at least one of the persons on the certificate (if the record is over fifty years old, it’s available to anyone) to the following address:

Oregon Dept. of Human Services
Vital Records
P.O. Box 14050
Portland, OR 97293-0050
Phone: (971) 673-1154


Marriage Records Oregon

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Oregon marital records can be a great resource if you’re delving into genealogical information about your family – but, it can also be a good source for legal data that can prove you were married and where and when the event took place.

Oregon Marriage License Records

There are now vast amounts of this type of data on the Internet and many professional online search sites have sprung up as a result. Most charge a reasonable fee to perform the search and you don’t have to provide information about who you are or why you’re requesting the marriage certificate. These online sites encrypt your payment information so that no one ever needs to know that it was you who conducted the search. You’ll receive a thorough report that’s as accurate and up-to-date as possible and likely receive much more data than you would through a state-based search. The report will be sent to your personal home or office computer and you can read it at your leisure. Many professionals that deal in legal or genealogical research use these sites on a monthly basis, but you can perform a one-time search if that’s all you need. The databases and search engines used by these professional sites are much more sophisticated and far-reaching than those used by the state, so data can be cross-referenced in other states to provide you with even more information about your search subjects. It’s easy to use an online search site. To find out more about how the Internet can help you find Oregon marriage records, click on the link.

Wyoming Marriage Records

Important data can be obtained through a state’s marriage records – especially if you’re searching for genealogical information. Details such as the bride’s maiden name and date and location where the event took place are just a few of the facts you can reveal. Wyoming marriage records are kept by the Wyoming Vital Records department in the state and by supplying some basic information you can receive a copy of the marriage certificate. Be sure and reveal as much data as you know when you fill out the application. Every tidbit helps ensure the accuracy of the search results. You can obtain a copy of the “Marriage or Divorce Application Form” by requesting one from the Wyoming Vital Records Department. After reading and complying to all instructions on the form, send the application and a copy of photo identification to:

Vital Statistics Services
Hathaway Bldg.
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-7591


Marriage Records Wyoming

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Include a check or money order for $13 for the search fee. You should know that the fee is non-refundable even if the search doesn’t reveal the Wyoming marital records you requested. Wyoming began officially keeping vital records in a central location in May of 1941, so if you want a marriage record that’s older, you should make the request through the Wyoming State Archives or the county clerk’s office in the county where the marriage took place. Wyoming also restricts who may obtain copies of vital statistics records. The certificate requests are limited to the people listed on the decree or a legal professional who can prove they’re representing one or the other of the couple.

Wyoming Marriage License Records

If you don’t have the time or patience to go through the red tape associated with most states’ record searches, consider an Internet search site. These professional search services are usually used by legal professionals and genealogists who need to ensure accuracy and timeliness in all of the information they receive. But, if you want to perform a one-time search, you only have to pay a reasonable fee and submit some information about the event. The search engines and databases used by these sites are extremely more powerful than those the states use and can usually deliver a full report to you in a matter of moments after you submit the request. Since the Internet became available to everyone for searching and sorting through vast amounts of information, these search sites have become more popular with those who need large and accurate amounts of data on a daily basis. They also cut through the red tape that states require, such as photo identification and proof that you are one of the people listed on the marriage certificate. To see how easy it is to search through Wyoming marriage records and decide if that might be an option for you, click on the link.

Colorado Criminal Records

You can always perform a Colorado criminal records search to set your mind at ease and so you can make a decision that could save you money, emotional distress – or even your life. We live in such a transient society now that we meet people on almost a daily basis whom we’ve never heard of and who provide information about themselves that may not be true. One of the ways you can find out if the person is telling the truth is to perform a background search. The Central Bureau of Investigation is part of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and is responsible for keeping an account of Colorado’s arrest records. You’ll need to request a search form, fill it out as best you can and mail it to:

Colorado Central Bureau of Investigation
690 Kipling St. #3000
Lakewood, CO 80215
Phone: (303) 239-4300

Be sure to include a check or money order for $13 to cover the search fee. Most of the information on a person’s criminal background is considered public information. There are a few exceptions such as warrant and juvenile records. Colorado criminal records are searched by legal and genealogical professionals on a constant basis because they can reveal so much information about a person’s background. But, you can also search through these records if you have doubts about a person’s sincerity or if you’re considering employing him or her in your business.

Colorado Criminal Records
Public Access

Criminal Records Colorado

Online search sites are also good methods to use when searching through Colorado arrest records. These private Internet sites offer quick and accurate data searches that are then compiled into concise reports and delivered to your home or office computer within minutes. It’s a great way to search through volumes of records if your time is limited and you need the information now. Powerful databases and search engines ensure the accuracy of these criminal background searches by being able to cross-reference material that would otherwise be unavailable in a state-based system. For a reasonable fee, you can secure the services of one of these sites and get the information you need to make a smart decision about someone in your life. Private search sites encrypt your payment information so that it’s completely private. In today’s world we can’t be too careful about letting someone in our lives who may harbor secrets that could affect us in negative ways. These Internet search sites have formed because of a serious need to find out information about people who may have told us one story, but another one exists. Don’t take a chance that a new person in your life may be deceiving you. Click on the link below to find out more about how you can benefit by using an online search site to search through Colorado criminal records.

Massachusetts Criminal Records

Massachusetts has kept some form of vital records since 1635 which makes it a treasure trove for genealogists. Massachusetts criminal records can usually be obtained by the court(s) that handled the prosecution, so you need to know where that particular court is located. If you don’t know the court, you can make a request through the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. You can make a request for copies of Massachusetts arrest records by writing to:

Dept. of Criminal Justice Information Services
200 Arlington St.
Suite 2200
Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: (617) 660-4600

Although Massachusetts criminal records are considered public information, there are certain instances where aspects of the records won’t be revealed by the state, such as the sealing of particular information by a judge. The fee for a state-based search is $25 per name and you may pay by check or money order to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The fee is non-refundable, even if the search doesn’t reveal a record. Be sure that you include as much information as you can in the request letter, including the full name of the person in question, date of conviction, birth date and other pertinent data that will ensure the accuracy of the search.

Massachusetts Criminal Records
Public Access

Criminal Records Massachusetts

Another method of searching for Massachusetts criminal records is to enlist the help of a private, fee-based, online search service which can provide accurate and up-to-date information in a full report. If no record is found, you pay nothing. These Internet sites employ powerful search engines and long-reaching databases so they can thoroughly cross-reference your information to guarantee accuracy and timeliness of the report they’ll send you at the end of the search. Legal professionals and genealogists use these powerful sites on a constant basis to legitimize their reports and for a reasonable fee, you can perform a one-time search to retrieve the information you need and desire. You may want to check for the said legal records for several reasons which would benefit the community and the entire society. Today, in our transient society you never know if the person you’re dealing with is truly the person he claims to be. One professional look through a state’s arrest records will give you the information you need to make a decision. Background checking should become part of the process to maintain safety and security. If he’s previously lived in Massachusetts, you can search through Massachusetts arrest records to find out the truth about something. Fraud is a major problem in the world today, but you can help avoid the devastation it could have on your life by searching through Massachusetts criminal records to set your mind at ease.

Vermont Criminal Records

A variety of states offer ways for the public to search through criminal records to perform background searches or to simply check out a person in your life. Vermont criminal records are kept up-to-date by the Vermont Criminal Information Center which is a division of the Vermont Department of Public Safety. You can purchase a record of criminal history for $30 and the fee is non-refundable even if no record is found. For this reason and to ensure the accuracy of the search, you should provide all the information you have on the person(s) whose background you want to search. Send your request by mail to:

Vermont Criminal Information Center
103 So. Main St.
Waterbury, VT 05671
Phone: (802) 241-5320

Some records that you want for certain purposes require a notary seal. For example, if you’re going through Vermont arrest records for the purpose of doing International adoption, child custody issues or immigration, you’ll need to request a record with the notary seal. If you’re looking for personal reasons such as a background check for someone who has recently entered your life, you won’t need the notary seal.

Vermont Criminal Records
Public Access

Criminal Records Vermont

Many people use the services of an online search site to find the information they need about people. It’s faster, easier, and if no record is found you won’t be charged a fee. The Internet has spawned many of these online sites since state vital records have become available to the public. With just a small amount of information you can receive a person’s criminal record from the state of Vermont or almost any state you choose. These sites have powerful search engines that can find data quickly and their extensive databases can better ensure the accuracy of the report. You’ll usually receive a report within moments of submitting the search information and it will be sent to your home or office computer where you will be able to read it in privacy. Since your payment information is encrypted, no one will ever know that it was you who conducted the search. Legal professionals use these online sites on a daily basis to gather data for clients who are involved in lawsuits or other legal matters. There are volumes of Vermont arrest records available to the public and there is the possibility of a state-based search producing erroneous information. But, with an online search site, you know that the records are being cross-referenced and will weed out any data that doesn’t coincide with the record you’re searching for. Find out more about online search sites and how you can look for Vermont criminal records by clicking on the link.

South Carolina Criminal Records

You can search for South Carolina criminal records by going through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), an organization that can search for records for information you might need to determine if a person in your life is telling the truth – or not. There is a $25 fee (payable by check or money order) for the service and you must provide the person’s full name (maiden name if possible), social security number and date of birth. Mail your request form along with the fee and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division; Records Dept.
P.O. Box 21398
Columbia, SC 29221
Phone: (803) 737-9000

Some portions of South Carolina arrest records may only be revealed to authorized persons such as those from law enforcement agencies. Privacy laws in some states prevent sensitive information from being disclosed to the public, so you might find much data that you need isn’t available.

South Carolina Criminal
Records Public Access

Criminal Records South Carolina

If you need the criminal records delivered in a timely manner and to ensure its accuracy and reliability, there are private, online search sites that can deliver the information to you in a matter of moments. These Internet sites employ powerful search engines and databases and can cut through all the red tape of having to make your request through a state office. If no recurred is procured from the information you provided, there is no charge. Since the advent of the Internet, it’s become the preferred way to search through large volumes of information quickly, easily and without the hassles of searching for criminal records through a state service. Nothing can set your mind at ease faster than a background check performed on anybody in the community. It may be for a new love interest or for other legal uses as long as it is permitted by law. Lately, many people seek to perform background searches on those people who are caregivers for children or a disabled loved one. If a person is a convicted child molester or has been sent to jail because of fraud, the record will show up on a background check through criminal records. All you need to do is enter some basic information (including maiden names and/or other names the person may have used) and click on the ‘submit’ button to begin the search through South Carolina criminal records – or almost any state you choose. The search begins immediately and you can usually expect to see a report sent to your home or office computer in a matter of moments. Don’t hesitate to look for the true background of someone in your life. Find out more about searching through South Carolina arrest records by clicking on the link.

New Jersey Criminal Records

If you need to search through New Jersey criminal records to find background information about a person in your life, there are few things you need to know that will help the search go smoother. New Jersey arrest records can be located through the Department of Corrections by mailing a request to:

Dept. of Corrections
Whittlesey Rd.
P.O. Box 863
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 292-4036

Some New Jersey criminal records may have been expunged from the system or the information sealed by the judge, so you may not receive all of the data you requested. Government offices can usually see this information, but a non-governmental person may not be able to unless proven otherwise that they’re seeking background data for certain purposes. Some people might need a copy of their own criminal background check for instances such as obtaining a visa, immigration or international adoptions. Be sure you have all the information you need to present to the New Jersey Department of Corrections before you send in the request form.

New Jersey Criminal Records
Public Access

Criminal Records New Jersey

Another way to retrieve New Jersey arrest records is to use an online search service that’s particularly designed for obtaining background information quickly and presenting an accurate report on the results. Genealogists and legal professionals use these private sites on a daily basis and maintain monthly memberships, but you can perform a one-time search by paying a single fee. You’ll likely receive the report in a matter of moments rather than having to wait days and sometimes weeks to hear from a state office. If no record is found for the name you requested, there is no charge. Today, we have no way of knowing if what a person telling us is the truth. That’s why these online sites have become so popular. Not only are we searching for background information on employment or governmental issues – we also need to know the past of a love interest in ours or a loved one’s live. Fraudulent claims about a person’s past could lead us in the directions of placing trust where we shouldn’t. For example, many people have been defrauded out of millions of dollars by criminals who make it their business to become close to a person and then “borrow” money that they never plan to return. Others have married someone and then later found out that the person has been married before (or may still be married) and lives a double life. These are the reasons why we should all check backgrounds of those who have recently entered our lives. It’s no longer an option – it’s a necessity. To discover how private, online search sites can help you find New Jersey criminal records, please click on the link.

Alaska Marriage Records

Marriage records are great sources of information if you’re trying to gather data about a person’s background or attempting to piece together a family tree. Alaska marriage records are kept confidential until fifty years after the marriage took place – and they then become public records. If the Alaska marital records you’re searching for took place over fifty years ago, you can receive a copy from the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics by mailing a request (Alaska Marriage Certificate form) to the following address:

Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 110675
Juneau, AK 99801-0675
Phone: (907) 465-3618


Marriage Records Alaska

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You’ll also need to include a $25 search fee ($20 for each additional copy), payable by credit card, money order or personal check, along with your request. If the marriage record you desire isn’t over fifty years old, only the bride or groom, an attorney or a person who can verify why they need the marriage certificate may request a copy. You’ll need government identification (photo). Alaska can’t perform a multi-state search, so be sure that the marriage took place in that state before you send the request. If you need to perform a multi-state search, you may want to check out a private Internet search site to get the job done.

Alaska Marriage License Records

These online search services can take a small amount of information and, for a reasonable fee, search through Alaska marital records or almost any state you choose to find the requested data. You’ll receive a full report that’s accurate and detailed. Just submit some basic information about the person(s) whose marriage record you’re searching for and you’ll likely receive the information within moments. Powerful search engines and databases that the private search sites use help glean information that you might not receive on a single marriage certificate, such as maiden names, past addresses and parents’ names and addresses. This information can be extremely valuable to you if you need documentation for legal reasons or in plotting your ancestry. These sites also let you search for other vital records including divorce and criminal records, so many professionals maintain monthly memberships that let them use the service on a daily basis. You can also perform a one-time search for a very reasonable fee. Your payment record is encrypted, so no one will know that you’re the one requesting the search. Plus, if the search doesn’t reveal a record, there’s no charge. It’s a good way to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the record and risk nothing if no record is found. Click on the link to learn more about how Internet search services can help you find Alaska marriage records that you may need or desire.

Arkansas Marriage Records

Arkansas only keeps records of marriages that date from 1917 until the present time. The Vital Records Department of Arkansas files the records, but don’t provide a copy of the actual marriage certificate. They do give you a “marriage coupon” which states much the same information you’d get with a copy of the certificate. To receive a copy of an Arkansas marriage record, you must know the county in which the event took place and apply to the county clerk. The fee for the search is $10. If you need further help in obtaining Arkansas marital records, contact the following office:

Division of Vital Records
Arkansas Dept. of Health
4815 West Markham St., Slot 44
Little Rock, AR 72205-3867
Phone: (501) 661-2336


Marriage Records Arkansas

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When you know the county where the marriage took place, you must abide by the rules of that area about how to obtain the record. In some counties you may have to provide photo identification and state your reason for wanting a copy of the marriage certificate. Others may be more lenient, but you may still need to fill out a form to gain access.

Arkansas Marriage License Records

To bypass the hassle of going through a state to access marriage records, you might want to consider using an online search site. There are lots of other benefits for using an online site to perform your search, including the accuracy of the information contained on the certificate and the fact that you don’t have to know which county in which the event took place. If time is a factor and you need the certificate soon, an online search site can usually deliver a report to you within minutes. The search engines of most of the online search sites can search Arkansas marital records in a fast and thorough manner and you can be sure that the data is up-to-date and thorough.

Internet search sites charge a reasonable fee to perform a search for you, but if no record is found, there is no charge. Most people who search through vital records as part of a job maintain a membership to one of these sites so they can search whenever they need or want to. But, you can pay a one-time fee to search through vital records. Each search site is different, so you just need to find one that suits your needs. If you’re concerned about privacy, an Internet search site encrypts your payment information, so you never have to worry about someone discovering that it was you who requested the data. To find out more about how an online search site can help you find Arkansas marriage records, simply click on the link.

Louisiana Marriage Records

Louisiana marriage records are readily available to the public for searches. If you choose to search by yourself you may run into problems about similar names, non-current information and inaccurate data. Also, keep in mind that a personal search through any state’s marriage records can be extremely time-consuming. But, you can request a state search for a small fee to secure copies of Louisiana marital records. All you have to do is download and complete a Certified Marriage Record request form and send it to the following agency:

Director of Louisiana Office of Public Health
Vital Records Registry
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160
Phone: (504) 568-5150


Marriage Records Louisiana

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The search fee for the state is $5, payable by check or money order. You should be able to submit the parish in which the marriage took place, date of the event and full names of both parties involved. If you don’t know this information, it may take longer to receive a response. By using a state-based search, you may only receive a confirmation of the sketchy details of the marriage – details you could discover in a newspaper notice of the marriage. Obtaining certain data about the marriage is also available if you don’t need a certificate of the marriage event. Because of Louisiana’s privacy laws, certain information can’t be released by the state unless you prove that you need the record for legal purposes. If so, you will have to send a copy of photo identification with the request form and state the reason why you need the certificate. Only those marriage records that occurred during the past fifty years will be located at the above address. For marriage records older than fifty years, you’ll need to perform your search through the Louisiana State Archives.

Louisiana Marriage License Records

Private online sources are also available to find the Louisiana marriage records you need. Such resources are used by genealogy and legal professionals to receive accurate information and to receive it rapidly – usually within minutes after submitting the request form. You might need to search through Louisiana marital records for a number of reasons, including research for family history. Searches are often conducted for legal purposes such as settling details involved in a will or for immigration purposes to prove that you were married in this country. A private search service offers you the advantages of powerful search engines and databases that ensure the accuracy of the information they provide. If no record is found, you pay nothing. Click on the link to discover how you can use private online search services to find Louisiana marriage records.