Washington Divorce Records

It’s never been easy cutting marital ties between a husband and wife. But, people must accept the fact that later in life differences could come to break the vows of marriage. Washington divorce records are archived to officially document that a certain marriage has legally ended. Reasons on the separation are recorded in detail with dates, names and other important data. The state’s Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics is directly responsible for the updating work. Thus, it should be the place where people should go for the particular information.

The public will get to order divorce reports starting January 1968 up to present at the said office for the amount of $20.00 per copy. As a norm, those that took place before 1968 can be searched at the local health department at the specified officiating county where divorce was declared official. Applicants should secure a copy of the mail in request form, fill it out and submit to the department of health’s office. The required payment will have to be done either through check or money order.


Divorce In Washington

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The State Archives Regional Branch is also another resource where divorce reports earlier than 1968 can be retrieved. The processing time though is taking longer than expected; at times it could take up to 6 weeks of waiting. Plus, you get to pay for the shipping and handling costs. But, if you are not in a state of urgency, then this kind of method would do just fine. You can either do walk-in, phone call, mail or fax your request with along the cost being required. Washington also has its online database both for government and public usage, but must be done according to the standard procedures set by the state officials.

WA Divorce Records

But, as time goes by, online service providers have absolutely raised the bar in terms of fast information dissemination. It is a new age for instant delivery of search results via the Internet. Wherever you maybe, you will always get access to public records anytime you want. In other words, you can do it on your own this time without the need to visit the office in person to hand in the request form and wait for how many weeks for the outcome. Today is a lot different from yesterday, with the right online record provider that’s 100% legitimate, you will definitely get what you need. Also, choose the one which offers complete money-refund guarantee just to be sure.