North Carolina Marriage Records

It’s a little expensive to secure a copy of North Carolina Marriage Records but it’s all worth it. Cost per copy would be $24.00 and when requesting for extra copies you need to pay $15.00 more for each. This application is facilitated at the state’s Vital Records office which stands as a unit of the Department of Health and Human Service. This office deals with reports dating back in 1962 can be pulled-out. The Register of Deeds is also one place where inquiries can be asked regarding the retrieval of important records.

Those papers that took place before the mentioned year will have to undergo a county-level search by visiting the County Register of Deeds office where marriage was officiated. For some information which you want to know about you may visit their site to provide you with the basic details you need. However, a strict policy has been implemented to allow only the names listed on the certificate to perform the request. A formal application will have to be done by the following people including the spouse, sibling, parent, child, direct relative, foster parents, or an adopted child.


Marriage Records North Carolina

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You may actually download the application form through the state’s Vital Records website, go through the instructions on the form and fill-out the necessary data completely. Plus, an individual has to prepare a photocopy of government-issued ID for attachment. Mode of payment will be through a non-refundable certified check or money order. The request will have to be sent to the Health and Human Services Department for processing.

North Carolina Marriage License Records

This conventional government protocol normally spends days or even weeks in completing the said application. Thus, much time would be wasted and much effort exerted. This dilemma leads to developing an instant solution to pulling out the said documents. The Internet is the key for a swift retrieval of North Carolina Marriage Records today. With the information you gather about the subject, what you do next is feed them to online databases on your computer at home and download it in no time. The tip is to ensure that an online record provider is 100% legitimate and offers a full money-back guarantee for total service satisfaction.